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August 25, 2021
Dan Shelley



Auto Generated Transcript

hey guys you’re all right it’s the 25th
of august 2021
i want to share a dream review
i never shared this with you i actually
received this at the beginning of 2021
but i didn’t share it with you now
there’s certain words i can’t use within
this and i don’t even know if this video
will stay on youtube to be completely
honest with you i know people use stuff
like they say like click bait and they
say watch this video it may be taken
down oh it’s so annoying when you see
that sort of thing like you know and it
stays up but i’m generally being for
real i don’t know if this video will
stay on here you know
um so anyway we all know what’s going on
right now around the world
i don’t even know if i can use the word
injection but i certainly won’t use the
other word um
but anyway i prayed at the beginning of
this year whether or not i should take
the injection and you should know
exactly what i’m talking about here
and i received a dream all right now
listen it’s very very very very very
important that you pray about this right
very important
in my dream i saw that millions of
millions of people had received the
injection all right
yeah millions
and in the dream it’s very short and
after millions and millions of people
had received the injection
i saw the government sitting there with
a with a button all right
and they pressed the button and millions
all right
that’s the dream
like i said it’s very quick very short
i’ll repeat
millions of people received the
the government was sitting there with a
they pressed it millions died
pray about this
pray about i mean first of all like
really pray about this
but also pray about it do you know what
i mean like you know
i don’t know if i should share other
dreams like i received a dream oh yeah
actually i’ll share this with you as
well um i’ve been offered the injection
multiple times this year
and there was one point where i
literally had a doctor physically
standing there with the injection saying
i can give it to you right now
i said uh let me think about this sort
of thing
i went away and prayed
in that very facility that i was in
and um
when i prayed i felt our lord’s holy
spirit shiva go through me
and i received the verse psalm 91
and i felt our lord say that our lord
would protect me
and i believe the answer is no don’t no
no you know
but like i say also that dream where
millions died
it’s really serious stuff mate you know
i think i’ll share this with you as well
five or six years ago
i shared a dream onto this channel
and in that dream
some of you guys that have been watching
this channel for a while may remember
this dream
there were thousands of people queuing
up outside of a hospital
outside hospitals i saw it i remember
this dream so clearly
and uh we’re all waiting in line in this
and eventually it was my turn and in the
dream like at the time i was like
married my ex-wife was there
she was in front of me in the queue my
twin brother was behind me in the queue
sorry about it
and um
when it was my turn they had an
i thought it was there for a blood test
but they went to inject me with
something and when they went to inject
me it was like this goat mask thing
and the injection was in this goat
puppet mask thing
and it had like a bite like a snake
and it i saw that it
bit people
like this like this injection thing
and it also had a microchip with it okay
with this injection
in my dream i was like no no no no i
made up some like excuse to get out of
there basically
but i was very very upset in the dream
because my ex-wife took this
but i managed to talk my brother out of
it okay
if you think about today this was like
five six years ago that i received this
nobody knew anything about
what’s going on right now
and there are people queuing by the
thousands they have been this year
outside of hospitals to receive an
you know what i mean
what i saw very clearly with this
injection was the microchip
a snake bite for a goat puppet
you know
to me that that looks like the mark of
the beast you know
again you’ve got to seriously pray about
this for yourself so they could be
bringing the mark of the beast in with
you know
but seriously seriously seriously please
pray about what i’m saying all right and
so already
uh i’ve seen one of my dreams come to
pass now thousands of people queuing up
outside of hospitals for an injection
but the microchip with bit with it
is serious stuff mate you know
that’s the way i saw my dream at the
time that that was the mark of the beast
with it i didn’t understand i didn’t
understand the injection thing when i
received that dream i now understand it
we can see what’s going on do you know
what i mean
i might as well add a bit more to this
uh my twin brother was very strongly
considering receiving the injection
uh where i was it is one time like
months ago i stayed over i remember the
night before he was talking about it and
i was saying that jamie i don’t think
it’s a good idea i wouldn’t man he was
like well i don’t know danny i think it
yeah why not sort of thing anyway in the
morning he woke up he went danny i had
this dream you know and he said i i had
a dream that i took the injection and i
was very very sick and i died
he said i’m not to take it and he’s had
like multiple dreams since that if he
takes that injection like he had one the
other day i stayed around my brothers
the other day he had a dream the other
day that he took the injection and he
saw himself from a third person point of
view and he saw his body lying on the
bed very very sick and he said i’m dying
you know and that changed jamie’s mind
he’s not he’s not taking it you know
so like seriously
please pray about this
maybe i should have shared this dream
with you at the start of this year
i don’t know why i didn’t share it with
but i’ve been reflecting on it a little
bit over the over last night
and i think i should have shared it with
you and that’s why i’m sharing it with
you but as i keep making it very very
clear to you you need to pray about this
all right i can get things wrong you
need to pray about this but this is what
i received all right and every time i’ve
prayed about the injection i i believe
that i feel very
clearly that i’m receiving from our lord
for me no you know you pray about all
things all right not saying this to
scare you but um i’m sharing with you
just like i share all my other dreams of
you all right
i love you guys you’d be safe right take
care bye



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