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February 7, 2022 12:57 PM
Rosaine Scruff

I had this dream on today’s date: February 07, 2022.
Usually I wait to publish something that the LORD shows me, but the LORD has commanded me to release this dream with extreme urgency for “now”. These “tornados” have a spiritual meaning and the LORD didn’t tell me about it.

I live in another country, but in this dream I was taken from my country and placed inside an American house.

In my spirit I knew I was in the United States.

The LORD then guided me to go to a specific window and look out.

I went to the window and looked. I saw a group of American soldiers, all with their uniforms and with weapons in their hands, helmets, all prepared for “war”. But when I looked at their faces, I could see that they were utterly terrified.

They were a group of about 20 soldiers, they were all in a position where you have one knee down and the other knee touching the ground. And though they had their guns, they were all trembling. And the LORD said: – They are shaking because they are terrified.

The soldiers’ shaking was so strong, uncontrollable… When I looked at their faces the LORD said: – “They are looking with such terror because none of their weapons have any effect on what they are seeing”.

So I was curious to know “what” they were seeing. When I turned in the same direction as these terrified soldiers looked, I felt a similar terror. There was a VERY INTENSE spiritual atmosphere of oppression. And I saw exactly FIVE BLACK HUGE TORNADOES in the distance.

The scene I saw took place on Manhattan Island in New York City. Just the fact that I “looked at” the tornadoes, and I felt a deep sense of “destruction and chaos” in the most complete way I’ve ever felt before. Then I understood why the soldiers had that facial expression. It was as if the very sight of those five tornadoes released this spiritual “feeling” of complete chaos and impotence.

Then the LORD said to me: Pay attention to the shape of the tornadoes. Because it shows the kind of destruction each one had wrought.

So I looked and saw this: The tornadoes were lined up in a sort of hierarchical order. I had the information in my spirit that they would all start in Manhattan and spread across the entire American nation with destruction,

They were all stark black, like a TV screen turned off, like a cell phone screen turned off: You couldn’t see anything through them. They did not appear to be tornadoes of “dust and wind” but of dense spiritual dark matter. (I don’t know how to explain this, but they felt “palpable”).

The first THREE were like those tornadoes you see in open fields and are huge and thick, with a gigantic base.

THE FOURTH tornado was slender and very thin.

THE FIFTH tornado was shaped like a beautifully carved vase. It didn’t looked like a tornado, but it was.

When I blinked my eyes open, all the tornadoes had gone to their destination across the American nation, and here in Manhattan there was only the FOURTH tornado remaining, which was the slender and very thin one.

He would stop on top of the skyscrapers and uproot them one by one, like someone pulling a plant out of the ground.

The first building I saw tearing it up was “One World Trade Center” and then it tore up the Empire State and went on to tear up all the buildings in Manhattan “by its roots”.

When it uprooted them all, Manhattan was desolate, with no skyscrapers. A very strange sight. I had in my spirit the feeling that Manhattan had gone back centuries in all its technology and evolution.

The tornado was then “sucked” into a cloud that was high in the sky and I looked up and saw smoke of destruction rising. The color of the sky was dark gray, with no ray of sunlight. It was daytime, but there was no sun.

Then I felt that the entire American nation was being devastated by the other tornadoes and the LORD said:  – Russia, China and other nations allied with them.

The LORD has not given me the name of any other nation. He just said “other nations” that are allied to Russia and China.

Then the LORD said: “Tell my servants that have been obedient and prepared for such a time like this, that the wind of these tornadoes that are coming, will not break ANY GLASS of their houses (spiritually speaking) and will not move any curtains from their place”.

The word that the LORD delivered to His obedient servants who will be on American soil when all this happens is: No evil shall befall you, no plague shall approach your tent. (Psalms 91:10)

God bless you all.

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