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The financial collapse is upon you – Sara Lynch

The financial collapse is upon you

Nov 27 , 2019 10:09 AM
Sara Lynch

This morning I was awoke exactly at 4:19.
I started praying and praising the LORD before getting out of bed.

I walked to the kitchen still praising and felt the HOLY SPIRIT move over me in a very powerful way. Literally radiating through me, no doubt the LORD wanted my full focused attention.

I heard in spirit “Child, write a message for MY children.”

“As these final days pass, remain in MY presence.
Ask, ye shall receive.
Seek, ye shall find.

The financial collapse is upon you. Your news will not report this until it’s too late, they know chaos will ensue. They are controlled by the enemy.
Children, your stores will begin to stock less and less.

Pay attention to what is already just empty spaces and does not get restocked.

Many walk in complete confusion and darkness. They will turn to violence to feed their children.
Some are already committing horrible acts to put “presents under the tree”

Have faith in MY promises, doves.
You have been created for such a time as is upon your earth. MY HOLY SPIRIT directs your path.
MY harvest workers, the ones I’VE chosen, are not being punished as some might think.

I’VE given those chosen undertanding of the reason they will be on the earth during this time.
Children, come to ME in prayer, I will reveal what you will do during this time.

Prepare children for what lies ahead. Allow MY living Word to reveal some of what you will face.
You will NOT face these events alone for as I stood with and protected Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace, I shall also stand with and protect those that are MINE.

I love you, precious ones.
Your loving and JOYFUL Savior, Yeshua Ha’mashiach

Matthew 13, 14 and 15

419 Strongs "unsearchable"
I was given the understanding that nothing can be searched out or understood unless GOD reveals it to us in parts. We cannot understand HIS plan, it is far from what we are able to comprehend.

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