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The Fall of America, Interstellar Objects and Waves of Energy

October 1, 2020 6:33 AM

This message was given a few weeks ago to 9.30.20.

Daughter the end is here. Your liberties are at stake. Freedom will be but a distant memory along with many other memories. Hold fast to Me – your safe anchor amidst the seas of destruction, devastation, turbulence. Riots will become commonplace striking fear in the hearts of many. Incivility, insurrection will be the new bywords. Panic will ensue – mother against daughter, father against son. It has begun. The fall of a once great nation – the demise of your world is here and at your door. I have warned through My prophets, messengers and scribes and all to no avail. Stiff necked is this generation as it was in prior times.

The world will revolt at all the changes that are taking place but there is little they can do to stop it. The tide of violence grows and will usher in the dawn of a New World Order. You will be held captive in your own land – at the mercy of incoming troops, regimes and foreign governments. Even now plans are being implemented to bring about the takedown of this nation America. There will be not only loss of liberty and many freedoms you took for granted – there will be much loss of life.

Storms are coming, surging across the land bringing much destruction. The skies will erupt in fireballs, meteors, asteroids and the like. There will be loss of communication through the taking down of the internet. This will occur soon. EMP strikes will occur across the nation. Many will not be prepared and will be caught unawares, in the dark. But your government knows as it is controlled by a higher elitist power that is set on a path of self destruction. The enemy is behind all of this and will utilize whatever is necessary to bring down an economic collapse, create civil unrest, insurgency and divide and conquer the country. I speak primarily of America for she shall be taken down as as an example to the rest of the world. They will look on in horror, aghast at the fall of this mighty giant, this once great nation founded on Christian principles.

The country will be in shambles as looters are given free reign, running amuck in pursuit of total destruction – of buildings, cities. These individuals have been commandeered to being down this nation. The fall of America will begin in the fall. There will be much loss of life. People will walk around in shock and awe as their entire world is turned upside down. In those days they will be dealing with many unseen forces.

The land will revolt as the cosmic waves of energy enter your earth’s atmosphere. It will begin to break down little by little the magnetic shield that surrounds and protects it. Once the shield is weakened it will become permeable to external forces. The sun will beat down mercilessly upon the land and many will take cover in their abodes. Sunspots will appear more frequently and solar flares will erupt in the earth’s surface causing havoc with your technological satellites, dishes and even your astronauts in space. Telecommunications will be at risk as the satellite waves are disrupted. The earth beneath will quiver and quake and the ground will become unstable as the earth’s crust heaves and groans from the cosmic rays of energy. The debris field will grow exponentially, wreaking havoc with your satellites, your dishes, your internet. The skies will light up as these objects from space move in a trajectory towards earth. Waves of cosmic energy will burst through the magnetic field disrupting the magnetic north and south poles. Much damage, much destruction is to come upon your earth.
Seek Me now while I may be found. There will be no peace to be found in those days if you are not in Me.

Seek Me now children before it is too late. The cries of the unrepentant in that day will be unsettling, horrific as they cry out for mercy, for food, for sustenance. Where were they when I reached out in love and tenderness to a lost world? Soon the end will come but before then My children will be called to endure much suffering, pathos and hardship. But I will be a safe harbor for My own if they abide and stay close to Me, stay in My Word and persevere to the end. I have been telling My children to occupy at all costs. The darkness of the world is converging and evil is having a field day but soon I will return to gather My sheep into the fold. I Am the Good Shepherd. I Am the Way. I Am the Light that dispels the darkness of the world.

Come children.

Look for Me in the clouds of glory upon glory

Amen Amen It is so

Your Savior and Lord

King Jesus

Yeshua HaMashiach

I will return soon

Look for Me in the clouds of glory children



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