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Trump Crowning and Sun scorches the Earth – Spirit and Truth


Trump Crowning and Sun scorches the Earth

September 24, 2020 12:59 AM
Spirit and Truth

I know this dream is 2 months old, but I feel this urgency to share it!

Dream July 4th, 2020

Had a dream we were invited to a banquet where Trump was being crowned and had a white with gold sash on himself standing on a balcony. The banquet was full of prosperity preachers and they were all shouting for Trump, then the scene shifts and I see people frantically buying water and the stores shelves become empty.

These events are happening simultaneously, the view shifts back to to the banquet and a geologist briefs everyone at the banquet with breaking news.

It gets very silent and a projection screen rolls down showing a massive building in New York burning down. It was as if the sun itself had scorched it, only warped metal remained of the building.

The geologist then says, “This will now happen to the rest of the world.” Everyone at the banquet then becomes frantic and running out of the building looking for water and underground shelters, but they were too late.

I see myself running towards a forest with my Husband by my side, we could feel the scorching heat hit our skin as if we were being boiled by the sun.

Just as we approached the forest I kept getting this feeling of, “don’t look back!” Then the dream ended.

God Bless and prepare Physically and Spiritually as the Lord leads! Shalom.


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