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Solar Flares Will Prove to be Deadly – Cryptic1

Solar Flares Will Prove to be Deadly

September 20, 2020 12:20 PM

The Holy Spirit has recently given me many messages on the coming turmoil the earth will undergo. One of the messages was on shock waves and was part of this message that somehow got deleted. I believe the Holy Spirit is telling us about these types of phenomena that are coming to the earth so that we can prepare and pray to mitigate their effects.

This message was given 9.2.20 and 9.16.20.

The sun will erupt in massive solar flares which when released upon the earth will penetrate the earth’s inner core and wreak havoc. Tsunamis will emerge. The earth’s mantle crust will dissolve, earthquakes will manifest, foundations will crumble. I have said that everything that can be will be shaken. My children must turn and repent to Me now. There is little time left children. So much time wasted when it should have been used to advance My heavenly Kingdom.

Solar flares will prove to be deadly with ominous consequences. The projectiles will pummel and penetrate your earth’s core causing a fission in the earth. Volcanoes will erupt, magma will spew, tectonic plates will shift dangerously rocking to and fro. The earth will heave to and fro in a drunken state, spinning on its axis wildly out of control. The earth will heave its contents spewing forth geysers, gushers and the like.

Soon planetary beings will leave their habitation encroaching upon your earth. They come as creatures of peace and light but like their father the devil instead they come to steal, conquer and destroy. That is their main objection – the total annihilation and destruction of the human race. I call upon My saints to rise up. We must be about My Father’s business. There are so many to be saved and a harvest to reap. Come children we must work while it is daylight.

I return soon upon the clouds of glory

Your Savior Yeshua

Prince of Peace

Lord of Lords

I will return for my own soon

Amen. Amen. It is so.

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