The Crucible – Mike M

The Crucible

October 16, 2019
Mike M

I had turned this following poem into a little song and recorded it. Then a week later that computer crashed. Good thing God blessed me with a used back up computer. But you can hum a song in your own heart. It’s all worship whether we lift our voices in song, spoken word, or written. Or simply sitting still in silent peace, abiding. In this season of elevated warfare due to the high and holy season of the dark side, we remember. We remember we are poured out in service as a drink offering unto the Lord, who gives us the power to do it in the first place. And to whom deserves all power and praise and majesty for the fine metals he is fashioning out of me and you.

Song/Poem: The Crucible
Oh, the fire it burns the silver. The fire-it burns the gold

It burns up the sin which keeps me away from the glory to behold

Oh, the fire is a cruel master

The flames they hurt so but dance

But not to join in but patiently wait for the fire to burn up the dross

Sanctification is a process, and it has it’s highs and lows

Sometimes it startles, sometimes it jolts, but the goal is the goal for my soul

To become like the Master he disciplines those whom he loves as his own

At the end of the test, arms open wide, is Jesus, our heavenly host.


God bless you in whatever battles you are facing. We are more than over comers in Christ. We overcome evil by the blood of the lamb and the word and testimony of Jesus. Love is the highest spiritual weapon. Love conquers all.

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