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the coming genocide – Barbara Francis

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the coming genocide

July 29, 2020
Barbara Francis

Daughter speak now. Warn my children of the coming genocide. A sinister man who made himself authority over many has been diligently working to remove those he deems undesirable. Claiming to be helper of the poor. He uses his money as a tool of wickedness he has gained favor with world leaders. He has been given approval to experiment on the unsuspecting multitudes. Now is the time to seek my face. A rapid push to control the people is in the process. Do not be deceived, protect your children and elderly. Trust no man. Pray for wisdom ,knowledge and understanding. It is written all will be made to take a mark in order to buy or sell.This is the Mark of the Beast. Take no mark in your hand or forehead. I speak plainly. This is the Mark of DEATH. Many will die out right physically while others will die eternally. Do not conform with this Evil world which is passing away. I have told you to prepare. There is only one way to the Father. I AM THE WAY. There is no other then me I AM . Work diligently now, time is short. I have sent you Messengers and Prophets to warn you of what is coming . Take heed . Do not be deceived . I AM the same yesterday today and tomorrow.

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