The Coming Danger – Sammy Omosh

The Coming Danger

July 29, 2023 6:01 AM
Sammy Omosh

1)On 26th July 2023,I woke up at 5am from a dream in which I found myself inside a storey building in my Country.I was almost at the Apex floor when suddenly I felt the floor moving and the entire building shaking vigorously almost tumbling down.This violent vibration made me to fall flat on the floor.I wondered how I would reach the bottom floor and exit this dangerous scenario now playing out before my very eyes!On waking up,I felt strongly in my spirit that this could be an imminent terror attack rather than an Earthquake.I gave a terror alert warning on 9/9/21 and a State of emergency alert on 9/9/21.I repeat again, this danger is looming and lurking around now!No specific date given, only be vigilant and cautious and pray to Jehovah Nissi every morning before going outdoors to work, business,school or traveling etc.It is likely to be big in magnitude,and Don,t rule out the probability that different towns may be hit!But I was shown this major one. This is the distress of this hour!Pray that this judgment may be reversed and the Lord will be gracious.psalm144:14:May there be no cry of distress in our streets.

2)In another unrelated revelation last week, while I was asleep I heard the word “France'” softly whispered in my ears.No further revelation has been given.France is a G-7 and EU member,has a permanent seat in the UN security council,exports world class fine wine to global markets and other goods,and the Number One tourist attraction destination in the world today.(raking in 20 million visitors annually.)You can see the importance of that nation and the role it plays in the global arena.Pray for France in your secret place as the Spirit leads you.

3)In the morning of 29th July 2021 I woke up at 5.55am from a dream scene in which I was talking to a neighbor’s kid They are four boys and I was conversing with the second born.All of them are friendly and respectful in their character.So I asked him whether they were jabbed after the covid 19 outbreak.He replied “yes.”I further inquired whether they received the booster jab, but before he answered back,the last born kid aged 9 years grabbed a stuff from me.i got annoyed and tried to get it back.He grew wild and he confronted me and we got into action-a wrestling contest.I thought I will give him a beating he will remember or rather kick his a– .This is a shy and reserved kid by nature, who was now wielding great strength and energy.(My previous weight lifting sessions at the gym was not helpful with what was at stake.)On sensing danger,I took off and ran away from this little kid who was now a living monster.He chased me and escorted me with “flying missiles.”(throwing stones at me.)one stone hit my back while fleeing and I dodged another one.Miraculously I didn’t, feel any pain in my back. It was only this Monday when I was being told of a high school beginner(who was jabbed thrice)pinn ing on the wall his big brother who finished high School last year , after an argument.I believe some of the jabbed have started exhibiting some fit of anger or rage among their character traits.Are the ‘Human Machi nes’about to rise in the dispensation soon coming on planet Earth?The blessings and mercies of Yeshua upon you brethren.



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