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The Collapse, The Fall, Flat on the Face

October 22, 2020 4:21 PM

October 22, 2020

Any one can imagine the feeling we bear and the debate inside us revealing such kinds of Visions, Revelation and Dreams at this very moment when the scenario on the ground is so heated, volatile and flammable. It is a warning from the Lord. What is coming is in the very hand of the Lord and we have to reveal what we saw and tell as it is. What we feel is besides the point.

The fall flat on the face!
(Revelation of October 13, 2020 4:30PM)

I took a rest from a very disturbed night. I am not sleeping and not fully awake but aware of myself Then, in a distant east cost, I see well polished stairs made of dark blue marble, looks an empty, half an open stadium with no roof, like an open utterly empty amphitheater. I see a person, well dressed with light blue three pieces with a necktie walking down. He has reached some 10-15 steps, 1/3 of the stadium, down the marble sits arranged in a semicircle. In an instant, as if completely paralyzed, the well dressed person fall flat on his face, collapsed. His steps are arrested, unable to move like a person drunk and unconscious, under some toxic influence. I moved up fast, another person followed me and I said, “don’t touch him, we have to call 911”. The person behind me, far down on the ground at the end of the staired sits, looks a security person sort of communicating with a walkie talky devise. I thought, before any help aarives will he be alive? what is going to happen to the him, will he die? Wow, wow wow-Who was that? I didn’t see his face, he is collapsed face down, flat on the steps/sits. The specific identity of the person is not revealed to me but I am left with an understanding. In that moment I woke up.

The interpretation is left open for all.

See it as another piece with what is reveled to Dana Coverstone. ( THE DATA DREAM / The Biden Family – Dana Coverstone.2020/10/20)



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