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November 6, 2021 10:28 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

OPEN VISION – Received October 1, 2021

While sharing with an acquaintance about current events, this person was unaware of the volcanic eruptions happening on the Canary Island of La Palma (off the coast of Spain and N of Morocco). I was specifically sharing that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that it would have great significance in end time events and I referenced the information received in a prophetic dream September 21, 2021 which was posted on October 4 (Many Soon Will Go Home: Revelations 16:18).

As I shared, I had an open vision. I saw a world map in which Europe and the African Continent was the central focus. I saw the map formatted in a grid pattern. Then the vision zoomed in to the middle earth as though I could see all the layers of earth and I saw entities underneath (these were not demons), who were sending pulsating energy upward to various places on the planet but one of the primary areas of focus was LaPalma! The Holy Spirit spoke and said that what was happening in LaPalma was being intentionally intensified to create a much more critical impact not just in the area but in the surrounding regions as well.

What is significant to know is that the eruption contains magma, which is near the center/bottom layer of the earth. The depth of this lava flow is causing energy to “ripple” through various layers of the earth’s crust, so it is not just a localized event but reaches far beyond where the eruption output is.

It is also releasing the lava rapidly creating multiple holes (vents is the term) through which the lava is expressed at the earth’s surface. It is so incredibly hot and quick it is slamming all that is in its path and causing immediate death. It is also causing the surrounding earth’s tectonic plates to shift/move.

The flow is rapidly moving across the land and into the waters surrounding the islands. Its heat raises the water temperature and killing sea creatures that can’t tolerate the rapid increase of temperature especially those that live near the bottom of the ocean. Thus it is disrupting the food chain (which will have great great implications) and also polluting the water. The Holy Spirit reminded me of Revelation 8:9

Furthermore, the toxins are being released in the air surrounding the volcanic openings impacting the breathing of those as far away as North America, Latin America and South America with Brazil being particularly impacted presently (volcanic ash has been carried as far as S. America) . Likewise it is spreading toxins to nearby Morocco and other N. African countries as well as S. Europe, especially Spain. LaPalma is region known for growing food and tourism, both industries are forever gone in a matter of two months! All homes, businesses and churches are uninhabitable, nearly all destroyed and resting under lava. Many people have nothing now and no one will be allowed to return.

+Let this be a lesson that life can change in an instant!

Friends, siblings, understand that this has a very significant impact in what is coming! This is an example to all, worldwide of how everything is about to change!

The entities (this is a huge cooperative effort) operating in bringing catastrophe are attempting to time these earthquakes and eruptions so that the most significant impact possible is attained! Also, there is a huge increase in the number of comets and asteroids that keep coming toward earth (and it has been really incredible the last two months and it is expected to continue), we have had many close calls and though only a couple tiny ones have hit (I’ve seen news coverage only to have it “removed” from the internet), these are impacting the ocean waves and atmosphere. NASA announced a big one is coming possibly in December. Since 2019, I have been told the big event is coming “BEFORE THE END OF FALL, which is 12/21/21, Winter Solstice, a Huge S@tanic Worship and Ritual Day(Human Sacrifice).

Much of this news is not being disclosed because the governments of the world (controlled by s@an) don’t want the people demanding detailed information and solutions. What is allowed to be mentioned is also in an offhand comments or in a way to plant fear (s@an loves it when people are in fear, the opposite of faith). THEY WANT THIS TO PROCEED! They are deceived by s@an, believing that once most of the population is dead, they can live a richer life! Remember s@an wants to take as many with him to hell as possible.

This reflects what the Holy Spirit revealed to me in May 2016. Others have had similar visions, my vision is posted here as “The Coming Destruction of the United States of America” but it will not just be the U.S. impacted! Although that was the primary focus I was given by the Holy Spirit. Consequences and simultaneous tragedies will be happening worldwide – one vision I had in 2019 was an asteroid that hit S.E. Asia, which caused much immediate death of many and it had far reaching consequences (link below).

The signs Christ mentioned in the gospels, particularly Matthew 7, 24, 25 are present today! There is a mass exodus by various animal groups much earlier than normal from the Yellowstone Region. Also we are having CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections) off the sun that are huge amounts of energy released that impacts the earth with sudden intense energy charges (it causes extreme fatigue in people and it interferes with air waves (radio waves, cellphones, internet). It also effects volcanos and other natural events.

Currently there are 9 active erupting volcanoes that have a broad reach in the world. Most are in Central America, East Asia, East Russia (the Pacific Ring of Fire). The potential for something very severe is building. The East Russian volcano eruption is currently quite significant (though I don’t have any detailed revelation yet).

Saints, don’t delay in making peace with God and praying your heart out. You can run but you can not hide. I keep seeing people on social media comment sections talking about their plans, their cabin in the woods with lots of canned food. If the Holy Spirit told you to do this then I am glad you were obedient. However, the Holy Spirit has spoken to me that you absolutely can’t trust in worldly things/flesh alone. Those cans may not last, nuclear war may strike you dead or at least pollute your water source. You may be located by soldiers, hungry people, hungry animals or fill in the blank. You simply can not prepare for all contingencies.

There are systems in place that enable powerful people and entities to know the most intricate and intimate details about your existence that unless the Holy Spirit is hiding you under His wings, you are not safe! It doesn’t matter how many guns and bullets you own!

Also realize with the Holy Spirit, it is quite possible to be hidden in plain sight. I have had that experience. So have others, some of the stories Brother Andrew shared support this, likewise, Corrie Ten Boom had many accounts when the Nazi’s would try to locate the Jews she and her family had hid. Never ever loose faith, in the power of the Living Lord. He created you from clay. He can hide you from evil eyes (many psalms mention this).

He said that there were other regions of the world of focus and reminded me of several prophecies posted in the last two years, which He had given me. Particularly on including Yellowstone, Turkey (with the date which came to pass on the date the Holy Spirit stated), Russia’s huge upcoming earthquake and its devastation, several prophecies of those are listed below:

Here is a small list of the words given to me. Those with an asterick beside it are particularly relevant to this matter.

My Severe Judgment Upon the Land5/1/21

When the Walls Come Tumbling Down – 3/18/21

Still Not Ready3/9/21

Utter Destruction is Very Near – 11/29/20

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Uphasrsin “The Calm Before the Storm” Ends Very Soon -11/16/20

*Choose Life: Careening Towards Chaos, Part 7 -8/14/20

*Warning Shot- Earthquakes, Floods, Economic Destruction and Famine in North America -7/5/20

*The Wedding Crashers! Disaster Comes Prepare Your Hearts – Part 25/2/20

*Super Critical Events are about to happen in America! Careening to Chaos, Part 4 -3/28/20

The Approach of Hoofbeats -8/9/19

*Earthquakes in Diverse Places! – 7/22/19

*Vision: Niburu, Wormwood Hits -4/22/19 (s@an broke my arm 40 minutes later)

Bigger than 9-11! Be Ready… -4/19/19

*The Coming Destruction of the United States of America – 2/21/19 (received May 2016)

Please know I have spent a great amount of time praying over this specific vision and a great amount of time researching past words given (believe me I don’t remember much due to my brain injury) and asked for more detail (however this is all I have received). I have been strongly urged by the Lord to release it quickly. The enemy definitely has battled hard to distract me from sharing and I feel strongly that the enemy’s efforts are preventing me from understand more.

This I will say. I have gotten multiple confirmations that the time is near. The Holy Spirit has given me indicators how to know when the approach is near. Most of those indicators told me to look for, have now manifested with the exception of one which is about to happen.

Anyone who knows I hear from the Holy Spirit and who love the truth He reveals through me, I ask you to please lift me up in prayer daily. I need more prayer covering. I know there are a few faithful, who do. I need to be able to get certain needs met particularly when it comes to communicating, the most bizarre things keep happening and it manifests in a variety of people, who are not personally connected to one another but have spiritual doorways open to demonic interference that the enemy uses. Additionally, my ability to communicate by telephone, internet and email is constantly interfered with from information removed completely from my computer, access being blocked from spiritually hearing people, to phone calls not allowed to be transmitted and even sabotage while typing. My info. gets withheld for hours and even days causing missed appointments and greater consternation, with those of whom I need to have favor. I have been trying for 3 months to get medications for one of my medical conditions, two months for a different medical condition. I have discovered lies and medical fraud by perpetrated by several people involved and their behavior doesn’t even make any rational sense.

Please ask the Holy Spirit to give me greater clarity on other matters He has brought to my attention. December 2021 will be very significant in world history!

A huge solar flare hit earth 10/28/21 and then a fireball hit UK 11/4/21. If you are familiar with the scripture in both Old and New Testament about things coming from the sky as a last days warning, I strongly urge you pick up your Bible, ASAP. These fireballs as we travel through asteroid belts have become a regular event in some areas.

I’ve spent many hours on this and feel it is critical to post it quickly. I will skip the time and effort to compile scriptures here. Look at my other visions on earthquakes for relevant scripture.

Just as this wrapped up, for the last day, I have been hearing an old car ad (I have no tv for more than 15 years), about “The December to Remember”. When I asked about it, the Holy Spirit said to include it in the title.

~ Handmaid of the Most High ~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18-19


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