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The Bipolar States of America! – Benjamin Faircloth

The Bipolar States of America!

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“America you cannot see straight because you cannot think straight! Confusion surrounds you as you navigate through your last days. Your Preachers and Seers (prophets) are blinded to the Truth, so they entice you to believe a lie! Your heart has faded away from your first love. A nation of peace, who now lives in unrest. Where will you turn and to whom will you cry for help, as your nation sinks further into the abyss? You think that I don’t see, nor do I hear, but I AM fully aware of your sins. Oh, nation full of backslidden Priests and Prophets, you are repeating the history of your forefathers! They prophesied lies to avoid the stocks and chains of prison, only to realize their captivity became double! (Jeremiah 28) Think it not strange when you enter the furnace of affliction! I warned you, but you rejected My help. I drew you with My Everlasting love, but you rejected My Heart! Now you will face the captivity of your forefathers and you will embrace the prescription of slavery that your enemy has planned! What will you do and to whom will you turn to when your hour of reckoning comes?”

(Scripture reference for this message is Ezekiel 10 & 11)

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