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The big gathering! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

The big gathering!

2020/02/12 at 6:52 AM
Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Hello my dear sisters and brothers!

What I saw and heard yesterday
was really just wow!

In my evening prayer I saw and heard the following:

I saw the angel with the trumpet and he called to me:


You all hear from far and near!
The LORD has announced to you
what should happen soon!

(Then I heard the trumpet sound three times!

Oh, you human children of the family of David,
Get ready for big gathering!

the LORD now lets gather from the end of the earth –
from all directions!
Rulers move out to collect!

Prepare your hearts!
(I hear the trumpet again)

The day is near – so close!

Go on,
like heroes,
brave as lions
do not be afraid!

Because from the beginning it was decided –
A day has been set!

The heavens rip and shake!
The sun and moon no longer give their light
the stars fall to earth like shaken figs!

Be warned
oh human children,
be warned!

What was announced by many
proclaimed by the LORD –

Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear!
(I hear the trumpet again)

And again I saw the angel with the trumpet.
He looks sad and disappointed at the earth and shakes his head!
Suddenly an angel comes out behind him with a sickle!

A short cut and I saw a lot of people
stand in rows with clear seals on their forehead!

Then I saw blood flowing ….
and in this blood the sickle flies from the right to the left!

Now there is another cut and I saw a bright one
festive decorated hall.
A set table … a long table …
Laughter, happiness, singing and dancing …
Everyone was in white robes!

And again I saw the one with the seals on the forehead
and they exclaimed:


Zechariah 3
Revelation 19

I also received a personal word
which I would also like to give you on the way:

My child,
and now a word to you:

You got hear
and know
how close everything is!

So listen:
Your order started long ago
even if it doesn’t seem that way to you!
I will now equip you with everything more than ever
what you need and
Take you to the place
to work on for ME!

Never be scary
and know:
the enemy can no longer harm you.
Because you are in ME and I in you
and MY angels drive him to flight!
Nobody can take that from you
what I have determined for you!


Unwaveringly go your way with ME!
Until I call you home and get you to ME!

My child,



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  1. Wow!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Sunny

    It sounds so wonderful and encouraging. Thank you for sharing your words and visions. It’s keeping me alive. But you said already several month ago that God would come down NOW and heal his people and give their enemies dust to eat. But exactly the opposite happened. God blesses the evil wicked people so much and gave me dust to eat. The suffering is increasing so greatly. It’s so unbearable. I trusted God that he would help me and rescue me, but he gave Satan victory over me and disappointed me again and again. I lost almost all hope. God only disappoints and never comes to rescue his people. The suffering is soooo great. I’m fighting so hard to not give up faith and not to give up life. I fight against suicide daily. The attacks are so heavy, the pain and suffering so extreme. My persecuters oppress me so heavily. I can’t stand any more. I broke down and the devil has his foot on me so I have no chance to get up. All the mockers around me, they hurt me so much. I can’t describe how severe the persecution is, through the government, my family. They hunted me down, tortured me, broke into my house. I’m falling falling into the deepest pit. They oppress me so hard, make me pay them for no reason. I have no income, no home, go to jail ect. ect. I can’t explain how bad it is. And for month and years I’m hearing NOW is the gathering, NOW God comes down to rescue, NOW it’s time to fly, ect. This NOW is never coming. I can’t endure any longer. I’m so worn, I came to the end of myself a long time ago. I don’t understand. Is God a liar? He knows exactly what NOW means to us. Be blessed sister

  3. Fabio K.

    Dear Sunny,
    it’s hard to hear about your pain and your suffering. I hope that you can keep up against the struggles in your daily life. I can understand your questions and queries and I share the same doubts especially about the words god is telling those preachers. I was troubled by other people through my whole life because of my words, my thoughts and because of my believes. I found this hard to endure and also to take but I also know that god wants to test our faith and our will to follow him every day, for our whole life.
    However, I found some calm in the words on this site and in a small community on the internet who is sharing the same message, that the lord will come back soon or now. It was great at the beginning (which is around 5 – 6 years now) to hear that all those suffering and tribulations will serve a higher purpose and will come to an end soon. But now I feel that those words are just hollow because of these I felt like everyone, who was not doing the will of god or is following the holy scripture was a servant of evil. Everybody who is different will not be good and is leading us away from our path. And everyone in this community seems to know who is the true evil… The christian churches are all infected by satan and the only thing which was true, were them. We need to stay on the path of toture and suffering to serve the will of god no matter what…
    But this is untrue… I found that I was loosing people, friends and family, yes. But also I was missing people in real life who were actually sent by god and wanted to help me, because I was misleaded by people who claimed to spread gods word. I rejected wise words by people because I was told that they were sent by satan to take me away from the path of obedience. But all I did was just bringing more harm to me. So, my own message to you, my friend, would be:
    What you are seeking is not the end, but god in your life. You need to look for him in the people he is sending you to get cured from the suffering. Not to reject everything and wait for the end. And yes those preacher will tell you, or me (what they also like to do a lot), that I’m wrong and I don’t understand the bible whatsoever. But rejecting other people who are as well created by god is like rejecting god himself. Everybody can be a speaker of god as well as by of the devil, but never fully. Even servants of this “world” can share words of wisdom even if they are not speaking similar to our holy scripture. Look at Peter in the bible. While he was following Jesus, he was both speaking through the holy spirit and through the devil.
    I’m not sure whether those words will reach or help you but have faith and look for angels in your life, not just wait for the end and do nothing. And if you cannot find the light, be the light yourself.

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