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The 3rd Vision Of Antichrist In 3rd Temple in Jerusalem – Sharlene Reimer / Walkerssk

The 3rd Vision Of Antichrist In 3rd Temple in Jerusalem

Vision #309 July 20/21 Tues am.

July 21, 2021 10:45 PM
Sharlene Reimer

I was bowed before the Lord God Almighty during my God time/just be time. I am just past the steps that lead to the area where God sits. I only see Him as brilliant light today. To my right, I noticed the angel Ariel approach me and say, “Daughter, servant of the Most High God, come.” He offered me his hand and helped me up. We walked across the area in front of where God is to the other side. He said, “Look.”

I looked and I saw a man standing in a temple, facing a crowd of people. I noticed he had dark hair that was not curly and was well dressed but I couldn’t make out his face. He was not dark skinned. I saw him from a bit of a distance away as my perspective was above, looking downwards like a birds-eye view. He then raised his arms up in the air and began declaring in boldness and authority, “I am God. See my power and glory! Worship me!” I saw the people watching him in amazement but not everyone was in awe. Some were shocked and alarmed. Then the picture focused on a group of people which I understood were dignitaries. I recognized the face of PM Benjamin Netanyahu. He looked quite surprised and concerned. He turned to the man on his left and was quietly speaking to him.

The angel Ariel said, “This is the antichrist proclaiming himself to be God in the temple in Jerusalem.” And he went on to say, “A temple will be built. Trump will have a hand in that. Israel and the world will be deceived but God’s chosen will know and understand.” He reminded me to look up scripture in Daniel. And I asked, so Trump will return? And he replied, “Yes, daughter.” (this is another confirmation)

I have seen this similar vision- the antichrist declaring himself to be God and to be worshiped in previous visions #11, #230. The previous visions regarding the building of the third temple in which Trump has a hand in is #107. In vision #39, I have seen PM Netanyahu and say, “We have been deceived!” I also recall hearing him praying in Hebrew and crying out, “Adonai!” (it was the only word I understood)

Dan 9:27 says: “He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven. In the middle of the seven, he will put an end to sacrifice and offering, and at the temple, he will set up an abomination that causes desolation until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”

Interpretation: It is my understanding that the deal that Trump and other kings have a hand in that creates peace for 7 years is this covenant. Some have referred to it as the deal of the century. He, referring to the antichrist “will put an end to sacrifice and offering and at the temple” which indicates that there is a 3rd temple where the old sacrificial system returns but will be stopped halfway through; in 3 and one-half years. The abomination that causes desolation refers to the beast system that begins Jacob’s trouble and severe persecution of the saints. I have had a previous vision explaining this revelation in #296, #297

Dan 7:24-25 says: “The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom. After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones; he will subdue three kings. He will speak against the Most High and oppress His holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time.”

Interpretation: The 10 kings who come from this kingdom refers to the European Union which will become the beast system, (Babylon/the New World Order). After them another king will arise which is the antichrist who will be politically powerful and able to subdue 3 other kings. He will set himself up politically and religiously as the head of the beast system and blaspheme God; declare he is God. He will be allowed to persecute God’s holy people for 3 and one-half years. He won’t be able to persecute them on his own- that is why he will rule the beast kingdom/system which will bow to him and serve him much like Hitler and the Nazi system/empire. I had a previous vision where I saw the antichrist rise like Hitler in #15, #27, #251 but he is not from Germany (#251)

Again this vision reveals it is still not yet the time to know who the antichrist is. But the 3rd temple will be built.

The message:

The Lord is always calling the Believers to continue to pray for Israel; that God will protect the ministries in Israel that are trying to spread the gospel of Yahushua/Yeshua Messiah and that the people will receive this hope of redemption. Pray for the peace of Israel, not just the absence of conflict but that they would know true shalom- true peace when they know the Prince of Peace- Yahushua their Messiah. Pray for revival there- and I believe it has begun. Pray that Christ’s church would support and bless Israel. Woe to those who curse them! Pray against deception. Pray for encouragement and continued protection of Netanyahu.

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