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The Faithful Shepherd Says: You Are Like Sheep Gone Astray! – William Brooks

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The Faithful Shepherd Says: You Are Like Sheep Gone Astray!

April 17, 2024 3:40 PM
William Brooks

April 17, 2024

Oh my people, you are all like sheep gone astray, and each of you have turned aside to your own ways, ways that I didn’t make for you, but you follow the ways of false prophets who lie and swear by my holy name, and they will not go unpunished. I warn you sternly my people and I call heaven and earth to record my Words: DO NOT reckon words of prophecy given by me, the Lord Jesus Christ as an unholy thing but rather prove every word I give, should you refuse it is sin to your account. I tell you before I go any further, many of you will stop your ears and close your eyes at the words that I am about to give, and I counsel you to not shrink in fear. Many of you will crater to pressure from friends, family, pressures from fake churches and worldly institutions thinking academia represents me when worldly academia is Satan’s very own spurious knowledge and his knowledge of Good and evil always brings death for so he designed his words to accomplish. Don’t be among those who reject my words but listen with your entire soul and consider what I will say, for my Words are life, and they will make your calling and election sure.

Where in my holy Word do you see that there is such a thing as Christian Zionism? Do you not understand that their leaders are the synagogue of Satan? Yes, there are those who have infiltrated Israel who are not of Israel and are of the synagogue of Satan, and they do lie saying they are Jews and are not! You my Church are the Israel of God and you are not a replacement nor is this replacement theology but my holy Word – look and see for yourselves! No! I’m not speaking against my own, though there are those among you who are wise in their own conceits who will say just that. Check my genealogy as I was born of the Fathers and my pedigree is sound and if anyone among you is zealous of Israel , I am moreso, for I gave my very life for them! Who are my mother and brethren? For whosoever shall do the will of God is my mother and my brethren, have you not read? I am discerning for you good and evil, since many of you lack true spiritual discernment and are blinded by the lies of the evil ones. Have you not read that God fulfills his ways at times by the hand of his enemies, for even they obey his voice? Yes Israel was reestablished in 1948, and I love many in the land and will rescue them, but Israel was reestablished by evil men and their leaders carry secret evil intent, and it is not for you my children to have a hand in this part of my Fathers business during this time, though you will help in the future in my Kingdom, but it is up to me to save Jacob, not you! You have been led astray by good words and fair speeches and have fallen for a very slick sleight of hand. You have been enchanted by the spirits of Jezebel who work in the ways of Baalam and know that I will break their hold on you and open your eyes and ears if you but turn to me with humility and willingness to come to my Word and learn of me without your preconceived notions that you have learned from these false spirits prophesying through their false prophets. Spirits of Jezebel speaking great lies in her false prophets even lying signs and wonders and prophesying for greedy gain in the spirit of Baalam, these have infiltrated your Churches and you eat filth from their very hands. You have been deceived by the synagogue of Satan into a false alliance with them, the synagogue of Satan. Some in my Church are not faithful to my Words and precepts because they have believed lies spoken in my name, sharing in their blindness, which is proper. Do not let yourselves be found among them when I come, have I not said come out of her and be ye separate, for what concord has Christ with Belial? Wash the mud from your eyes in my atoning blood and open them to see the true light I will give you, as your eyes are crusted over with mire, and you cannot open them without me. According as it is written, God has given them the spirit of slumber, eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear; unto this day and by good words and fair speeches you have joined in their blindness, not only being blind to my purposes for Israel but also blinded from your true calling in me Christ Jesus, your Lord! If you are blind, you are not free to read and understand my Words and you are not walking in the spirit. Therefore, follow my Words my people for though you have known me after the flesh, after the flesh you know me no more for I have been changed to a life giving spirit, who has given the spirit of life to the Israel of God, even the spirit of sonship whereby you cry ABBA, Father! Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, therefore stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made you free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Incline your ears and turn your hearts to hear my Word and reject them not! It is the Spirit that gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life. Therefore, do not be conformed to Israel after the flesh and come out of her political lies, but be conformed to my spirit which is made in the image of God! Do you not understand their lies are allowed to set the stage for the anti-Christ that they might all be damned who have pleasure in unrighteousness, whose names are not written in the book of life from the foundation of the World? Listen to my words of rebuke and harden not your hearts, for my words will save you from the calamity to come and will separate you from those who fight against me and who have rejected me for close to 2000 years now. And though blindness has happened in part to Israel, a remnant of Jacob will turn to me and accept the righteousness that doesn’t come by the law but by faith in me. Cleanse your thoughts and shake off the false words of the wolves that they have falsely whispered in your ears, even speaking falsely in my name, as I did not send them.

There is a great evil over my land, and I will come to the rescue. There is great evil on Jacob because they have allowed themselves to be subverted by Edomite liars. Have you not believed my report that the synagogue of Satan exists and is real? Know that they walk among you! Do you not understand that the blind cannot lead the blind, and Israel is blinded in part until the fullness of the gentiles comes in? I will yet save a faithful remnant from Jacob, and I am sealing the 144,000. And they will do mighty works for me and I will send them to and fro during Jacob’s trouble, and they will save many, and many mighty works will they do, and I will lead them to lead others, as there is no other way to the Father but through me, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah they rejected. But you oh modern Christian, you lukewarm children of mine, you think you know better because you have read their writings brought in stealthily among you, and you have believed their false report. The false report from the Edomite synagogue of Satan, the temple building cult, the very destroyers Satan has sent to subjugate the world, and they lead that nation you would worship in place of the Father if you follow their cleverly devised fables. Calling themselves God’s chosen people and convincing you to bless them when they will destroy you at first chance. Know that I have not sent a political solution and world governments serve Satan who has bought them with the wages of unrighteousness. Have you not read and have you not understood that I am the only solution, and I am a warrior King sent by Yahweh himself to subjugate the kingdom in righteousness and put down all rule and authority of Satan? Yea I will break his rule in pieces never to recover, and I will wound his lying head as prophesied, and he will burn forevermore in the hottest flames of blue, and he will swim in burning brimstone in that great lake on that great day, and he will never recover but will be destroyed and burn forever. Know that there is no unjust cruelty in my Father’s justice but a simple recompense of Satan’s own actions and his own desires for the Father’s children and creation, so my Father will give him what he desires for you in his justice. Have you not read? The King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Why do you follow false political leaders as if you were following me? I will tell you why so you fully understand: Many of you follow the lies in your reference Bibles that I did not write, and I did not commission those who compiled so called Christian-Zionist writings. There is no such thing as a Christian-Zionism, for I am not a Jewish supremacist. If I were a Zionist, I would never have turned to the gentiles, and the nations did receive me for a time. No, they use Zionism to bring in the anti-Christ with their temple they will ignorantly construct in my Father’s name, and they do dishonor my Father because they reject me, Jesus Christ. Not only did I come to my own and was rejected of my own, but many of them still reject me to this day. But you oh Laodicean Church, you think you can hasten the fulfillment of prophecy by following their madness for the synagogue of Satan wants a world of their own, a world without you, my Children, have I not saved you from them?

Know that Satan tried to steal my inheritance from me, for the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Satan wants a world without God, a world free of God, a world free of me, the chief cornerstone, and a world where the strongest survive as they genocide the earth of all but Satan’s very seed, of which they are. Israel has been infiltrated for thousands of years now by their Babylonian writings (Yes they codified the oral traditions handed down) that condemns me, the Lord Jesus Christ which is impossible to attain as I will not be denied, and the World is about to understand my wrath and might, for I am greater than all except my Father, and it is impossible to stop me. I have waited in patience and long-suffering allowing my name to be blasphemed and my atoning sacrifice counted as an unholy thing so that my Bride could be saved, the very Bride who was hidden in times past in God’s great mystery, a mystery I unveiled fully to the Apostle Paul and you can read his writings to understand for he didn’t speak of himself, but he declared the gospel of the great Mystery of God that I gave him to unveil for me. Nobody will take what is mine, for I have paid for it with my own atoning blood, and I will recompense the evildoers. Satan wants a world without you my Children but so many of you foolishly give your money to support the synagogue of Satan and their unholy designs in my land and on the remnants of the nation of Israel, a nation that I will rule from on the throne of David in my soon-to-be unveiled kingdom. You support your own deaths, thinking you are furthering the gospel. Why is it you cannot understand that death and destruction and genocidal rulers are NOT of me but are Satan’s own seed, yes their father is the Devil, the Father of Lies, Satan himself. Know that he is a defeated enemy, and he fearfully knows his days are short, and he fears his future more than anything for he knows there will never be relief from his punishment for God himself declares it! My children, you cannot follow Satan and serve me, for no man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. So make your choice as to whom you will serve because I never ordained my Church to have anything to do with so called Christian-Zionism and that movement is not of me but Satan and he is using it to bring in his anti-Christ. So many of you have lost the meaning of my words, thinking anti means in staunch opposition to and nothing more. No, the antichrist is cleverly sent in place of me to a people who rejected me, and yet I will save Jacob through great trouble and I will not only purge my land of inheritance, but I will purge the entire world from evil and sin. Understand that I will save Jacob by promises my Father made to their Fathers and its not by merit or their own righteousness, for no flesh is righteous in my sight.

I counsel you to put down the writings of those who do not speak for me and be wise my children for many of you are so naive that you cannot discern lies from truth for you do not hold me as your head, but hold the words spoken by false prophets of Jezebel who work in the ways of Baalam following the rewards of unrighteousness. For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Return to my pure Word of God, for the Father protects it to this very day. Understand my methodology my people, and learn of me. I didn’t choose one voice to represent my scripture, and I didn’t choose the oldest voice to rule my Words and verify their authenticity. No, in my Father’s ways (my Father needs no counselor in his plans) and in my Fathers’ wisdom he chose many voices from many times, places, and cultures that agree with each other. Look to the Byzantine, my children, and doubt not my Words and delve into the texts I have preserved and humble yourselves to my Words. Were you not commanded to study to show yourselves approved? For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light: For they are wise in evil and deception, and they do nothing more than steal kill and destroy. My Father has protected his pure word of God, and it’s right under your noses, but you reject it so you can have your lazy desires catered to with easy to read versions, corrupt versions that I didn’t send or author. Why will you turn away at these words? In your naive foolishness, you don’t understand that Satan counterfeits even the holy scriptures. He does so in the same way a dishonest cheater would cheat by removing links from a chain one at a time to make the chain shorter while nobody notices, aren’t boundaries moved incrementally? For what fowler sets the snare in the bird’s sight? He has changed words, removed entire sections and verses, he has added words, and he has done so all in a push to unify all religions under an ecumenical push to subjugate all to his false Christ who walks among you openly soon to be revealed. I will cast the beast and false prophet alive in the lake burning with fire and brimstone so they may come to their inheritance, an inheritance my father has prepared for the devil and his angels. For he will give them a world of their own and a world suitable for their evil desires they wish on you my children. Have you not learned or have you forgotten that gnostic cults altered my epistles as soon as they received them? And you think it can’t happen in your times, where knowledge is increased? Search out my pure word, and have faith that I am capable to provide honest translators, have faith in the words I have given, have faith in the Words of the Word of God. Do not be so naive to think that any writing is perfect, have I not told you to study to show yourselves approved? But my people, when you study you let the enemies of the cross interpret my Words for you so you may be manipulated into providing consent for the synagogue of Satan. You ignorantly give your consent and tacit approval to Satan and his children who have usurped my holy lands, but only for a season and Jacob’s trouble will cleanse them away from the land and the meek shall inherit the earth. Have Faith in me, the word made flesh, to provide you truth and truth is in my holy scriptures, for they speak of me.

Will you reject my words, my people? Will you choose to discredit the messengers I have sent, for I have sent many! Many of you will persist in your insanity, not even taking the time to verify the words of this prophecy, and you will do so to your own detriment and loss of reward. As soon as the restrainer is removed and my Bride is taken, they will move with great haste to kill everything and anyone who is Christian. They will purge Christianity from the earth if they could, and they will persecute and martyr my saints in many ways, and those who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Turn to me now and cleanse your hearts from their lying words. You have heaped words of death and destruction to yourselves in complete ignorance of your own history. I challenge you to study the history of the books I didn’t write that you elevate above my own Words. Study who the authors really were, for they authored great lies into their books, for you will know them by their fruits. Many of these books have been made the standard in your seminaries, search it out, for it is true! If you will be diligent in these matters and hold to me, then I will lead you into all truth, and you will finally understand the mystery of Godliness of which you are. But even the great mystery has been cheapened in your minds and hearts by their lies, that great mystery is one new man taken from Jew and Gentile alike where there is no more wall of separation, for that wall is done away in me. Many of you cling to an Old Testament verse taken out of context: ignorantly thinking you must support genocidal maniacs so you will be blessed by me. I bless those who have been called by my name, and though I cause it to rain on the righteous and unrighteous alike, all blessings are in me Christ Jesus your Lord, the true Lord of Lord and true king of kings. Therefore, turn to me in repentance for you have taken the lies of Jezebel as gospel truth, and you have heaped wrath to yourselves in so doing, for I will even give my children according to their works, though I will not judge you by your sins.

I am the Lamb of God chosen before the foundation of the World

I am he whom the Heavens must receive until the times of restitution of all things

I am he who was baptized by John the Baptist when the spirit descended like a dove to the sound of my Father’s own voice

I am he who came to my own and who was rejected, a man of sorrows who paid the highest price for you all

I am Yeshua Ha-Mashiach also known as Jesus Christ and ιησου χριστου in Greek and in many other languages that all identify me as both Jesus the Christ or Christ Jesus, for I am Lord!

Very soon you will see me face to face, my Bride, and you will know as you are known. Therefore, I am calling you to me, so do not resist my Words and heed my voice for life and salvation is to be found by the obedient.

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