Revelation, Testimony, Vision

Testimony, Vision, Revelation – Terry Hennessey

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Testimony, Vision, Revelation

October 1, 2022 4:43 PM
Terri Hennessey

Hello brethren, I am being led by the Holy Spirit to share this remarkable and most incredible experience I have just come out of, today Oct 1, 2022.

Hindsight: I have been struggling with many things lately, one of them being discernment. What, or better yet, who is being truthful out there?. This has been plaguing my heart lately as I am beginning to see people who I have come to believe are true prophets beginning to contradict each other. This has caused me to pray fervently for discernment and has really opened my eyes to how easy even the very elect can be deceived. Most frightening, considering it (the great deception) hasn’t even begun yet. As such, I have been praying these past few days, asking the Lord to let me not be deceived. Asking for only truth. “Show me Father what is true and let me not be deceived”. This past evening and all through the night, without realizing it at the time, I was feeling that something was coming. It was one of those feelings you don’t pay attention to until after it happens.

This morning as I awoke, I got up once again, struggling with what’s suddenly become a great weakness. This season, it is fasting or keeping a fast. Every season, for me it’s something new. (You can almost see the devil pulling at straws, when one test/temptation doesn’t work, he tries something else till he finds the perfect formula for getting you to become weak). I have surrendered so many times on the Altar lately and still felt like no breakthrough was coming for me. Then late in the night and early this morning, I just started having a feeling that something was coming (again, not realizing it until it became hindsight).

My testimony: This morning, after eating a light breakfast, caving to my weakness, breaking my intention to fast once again, I listened to a couple of short words from those I believe with all my heart to be true prophets of the Lord. Then, I found a prophetic message from Pastor Kent Christmas in my YT feed. I turned it on and began listening. It’s so amazing to me, how listening to someone with the fire of God in him, how we can crave or feel that fire begin to build up inside us as we listen, without even realizing it. (Kind of like watching a violent movie or a boxing match or something like that, and as you watch, you can almost feel yourself getting riled up inside like you’re in the fight/movie yourself. Except this was a good kind of fight building inside of me. He was speaking about the spirit of Jezebel being in America and how we are right now, living out the days of Elijah in the OT. He began boldly declaring and calling upon the men and women hearing his voice to find the boldness within and let it come forth. That we need to be praying and seeking the Lord for the courage and boldness to fight our enemy rather than continually asking Him to come and take us out of here. The Lord has shared with me also recently, an understanding that His Bride, His Remnant Warriors, have no desire to leave here, but to reap the harvest of souls. No desire to leave unless we can all go. They have no desire to leave anyone behind, and even though she is weary and feels very much ready to go home, she knows that her brothers and sisters are still out there, wandering aimlessly; broken, hurting, in bondage, and in need of salvation, redemption, deliverance, and healing. Though we pray for our Jesus to come, for the Remnant Bride, it’s not for Him to take her out of here, it’s to come (His visitation), to pour out His Spirit upon her, to anoint her with the anointing that will trample the enemy so she can bring in the harvest. The “Elijah Anointing” that Pastor Kent was speaking about in his message was a confirmation of truth for me and as I was listening, I came into agreement with what the Pastor was declaring and within a couple of minutes, I suddenly felt a great heat overtake my entire body. Suddenly the words TRUTH! TRUTH! TRUTH! bursted out from my mouth (Again in hindsight, in that very moment, I didn’t know if I was declaring that what the Pastor was saying was true or if the spirit in me was in opposition to what he was saying). However, I realized as I immediately laid down his video and began praying in tongues of the Spirit of God that with the revelation He was giving me, the Holy Spirit was declaring from my mouth that what the Pastor was saying was truth. Letting me know of one who is real out there. I have noticed also in hindsight, that the gift of tongues in me has been maturing; like my faith, like my walk with the Lord, it too has been growing. Each time I am led to pray in tongues, the duration becomes longer and longer; more fervent, more precise. Sometimes, in the Spirit, I am also led to sing in tongues. It’s no sound like I’ve ever heard in our Christian (or any other) music of today, yet it comes out so naturally, so fluidly. Though I have no voice to sing, it sounds so peaceful, so beautifully harmonious. It is the Holy Spirit within. I have no idea what I am singing but only feel elevated and so very close to God in those moments. This morning’s experience was the longest duration I have ever prayed/sang in tongues (roughly a couple of hours straight without stopping, without opening my eyes) and this time it came with revelation and two incredible visions. The revelation was that the Elijah mantle is coming and whether we think we are ready or not, when God decides it’s time, it will happen and we will flow with His Spirit. We will not hesitate, we will not question, we will not withdraw, but an obedience outside of our own ability will come over us. With this revelation, as I was praying/singing in the Spirit, I saw myself and Jesus on our bench in our secret place. I understood at first that the Spirit of the Lord was inside of me; dwelling in me. Then I suddenly see myself, kind of like a newborn in the fetal position, except I was a grown woman, being pulled into the bosom of the Lord as we are sitting on the bench. It almost looked like He was holding me like a baby in a fetal position on His chest, but what I suddenly saw happen as I was laying there curled up on His chest, was that He wrapped His cloak around me and I disappeared and all that was left sitting on the bench was Him. I understood that this was the death of me and my “flesh trying to resist or rebel” and that all that was left of me, was Him. I cried out to Him, “I’m not coming out Jesus, I am staying right here”. Praise Yah!!!!! Hallelujah!! The next vision I see and the words I hear in my spirit is that our KING of Kings is also the WARRIOR of Warriors. I recalled saying out loud as the Pastor was declaring we find the boldness to fight, I said “Yes Lord, give me a spirit to fight rather than a desire to flee”. Suddenly in the spirit, I see this huge gigantic warrior, like something you would see in these modern day video games. He looked like a giant compared to what He was fighting and warring against. He looked like an ancient samurai warrior with this thick heavy armor, covering Him from head to foot and was wielding His sword chopping off the heads of demons, imps, goblin type looking creatures. The most amazing part was that as I was praying in tongues, it was like my tongues were directing Him. Almost like when a person uses a controller to play the video game, his fingers control what the character does, my mouth (tongues of fire) was controlling what this warrior was doing. I knew that this warrior was a child of God but that all that was left in him was God. I also, for the first time, received an understanding of some of what I was uttering in the spirit. Not specifically within the words but just had an understanding. Some of it was warring as the warrior was cutting off the head of the enemy (there was boldness like righteous anger in the tone of my voice). Some of it was worshipping our King (soft and loving). Some of it was coming into a humble posture before Him. So many times, I have spoken, prayed and sang in the spirit in what seemed like darkness, without any vision, knowledge or understanding of what was being said, but today the Lord chose to bless me with revelation and answered a prayer I’ve been praying awhile now for. I am so grateful to our King of Glory. The Greatest Warrior that ever was or will be. We will fight, we will harvest, we will protect and we will all be ready to see the King when He comes to get us. Praise Yahuah!!! I pray this encourages and maybe even confirms for others with similar experiences. If so, I would love to hear and greatly appreciate any who might be willing to share it here.

The Lord also wanted me to share a revelation He gave me last night regarding food and drink, in response to my weakness of giving in to breaking fasts. He led me to understand that most of the food and drink we eat and drink, especially junk food and fast food, are of the devil/world. It has been tainted like almost everything else in this world, the devil’s filthy hands are in it. It causes us to not be spiritually connected to the Lord as we can be and should be. I believe this is why the Lord asks us to fast as part of our walk. It’s because the food we are eating is poisoned with something that hinders us from hearing him clearly. It also makes it harder for us to be obedient to him, as it feeds our lusts of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. I am sharing this because He asked me to but also with the hopes that we as brothers and sisters in the Lord, will pray for each other to be strengthened to not give in to our flesh and to overcome the temptations to eat things that are GMO, junk foods, fast foods and to only eat/drink things that are healthy and of God’s creation.

God Bless,

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