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September 9, 2021 2:07 AM
Sammy Omosh

There will be a terrorist attack in kenya,specifically in the city of Nairobi.A few years back,i saw a building on fire and fumes of smoke rising up in the clouds in the heart of the city.There will be death and many casualties arising from this evil and wicked plot on innocent populace.This target may be singular or diverse in nature.When this happens, there will be BREAKING NEWS on your TV Stations,Radio Fms,the Internet especially social media blanketed[awashed]with this sudden event.
The current covid vax jabs,the political campaign strategy news of various parties will be overshadowed by this Terror attack news!It,s like everything coming to a stand still!!This event coming will act as a” kick off ‘ leading to other events happening faster within short lead times.

If you think the dreams and visions i see are false,then why was i trapped in that building,thinki ng that i will die,when i saw the fumes,smoke and exchange of gunfire in that vision in march 2013 and in Sept 2013 Westgate terror attack happened in the subarbs of westlands!The refresher dream of this year of terror coming was given in March this year and i gave details and instructions threof.
Many years back,i was returning from a trip from Asia[the trip i talked about previously].It was night time and i fell asleep on my seat enroute to Dubai,and i saw in a dream a light aircraft bursting into flames and i suddenly woke up trembling.My thoughts then were “am i going to die in this plane?’But inwardly i knew it wasn,t this plane that will explode coz the plane was a huge passenger plane carrying aboard over 300 passengers!Then come june 2012 on a sunday at noon[2 years later] there was breaking news of a small light aircraft crashing after take off and killing on the spot 2 Cabinet ministers incharge of security[Equiva lent of secretary of state in the US]The holy spirit then told me this was what he showed to me in that flight!.

One fine morning/afternoon soon,kenyans you will run for your lives,with panicking and shock expressed in your faces!A few years back i saw myself running away from the city center to my place of residence on foot!I

If you think iam false,the lord woke me up at 2am to write this message, and it,s now 10 am, handing this to be posted and i have not had an iota of sleep since that time{this gotta be serious Dude!}.

Every commerce,transportation and normal hustle of life will come to a screeching halt and you will be ordered to “GO HOME”.What will you say then when all this happens on broad day light with your eyes wide opened?Will you mock,scoff and doubt when this event is broadcasted on CNN, ALJAZEERA, BBC etc among other International channels?

Let,s do a litmus test[“mt carmel test”]-if this word doesn,t come to pass in God,s timing, then Yahweh is false,iam a false prophet and every message i have given on this channel is false!I will apologise to all of you and cease doing this ministry completely!

Psalm 78:56;121:7;138:7 and psalm91[Declare it over your life!]

REMEMBER:”Unless the lord watches a city,the watchman watches in vain”.This is the last warning and have now washed my hands and there is no blood on my hands.Haven,t you been warned Kenya consistently and on a timely basis,withholding nothing thereof?

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