Dream, Plague

Tares to Furnace (Mass Human Death) – Moriah

Tares to Furnace

Dream of Mass Human Deaths

Jan 26, 2020 12:57 PM

On Friday, Jan 17, I received a dream as soon as I closed my eyes. I never fall asleep quickly. I awoke within two minutes.

An angel showed me dead bodies stacked in long lines by twos being thrown into a furnace. I had been associating it with the wheat and tares judgement. After praying and sleep fasting, It’s been revealed this is a holocaust to contain coming pandemic. This vision has been confirmed as a direct judgement from YHUH in bible codes via YT at Code Search Theory channel.


Please pray massively for China’s citizens and citizens of the world, that Jesus Christ may be called upon for salvation by all who face this, and for mercy on us in our anxieties and hours of turmoil.

May the Most High bless and keep you.


Update Jan 26: the Holy spirit confirms the tares harvest first. Of course our Glorious God would start with tares.

Repent! The Kingdom of God is at hand!

Run to JESUS brothers and sisters, please.


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