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Taking The Holy Spirit Away

July 5, 2021 11:54 AM
The Messenger

Instructions July 3rd around 9:20 Pm


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My son please take these Holy words down from Your Father who Art in Heaven. My children I have sent many messages thru many watchmen, messengers, and prophets about the end times and all that shall come to pass.( My real ones, the ones receiving messages from my mouth, have all said the same things, Repent , Believe on what My Son did, Jesus The Christ, True Forgiveness, True Confession ,Be Led By My Spirit And Obey My Voice, if they do not talk about any of these things listed they are not truly sent from Me, nor speaking on My behalf.) their words are false . This messenger speaks what ever I as your Father tell him to write down and believe me it is your Father in Heaven the Creator talking , My children what I am about to do is start the end time clock, is to start it all, forever it has been talked about , what has been written in The Book Of Revelation and most if not all who have studied it or have said ,this is going to happen, has been in one way or another wrong!!!!. My children most lack My full spirit and true knowledge of My words and their true meaning ,so most if not all of my body has no clue what will transpire. Most teachers say America, USA is not in the Bible and as your God The Creator, this kind of thinking is wrong, let me say it again man’s taught line of thinking that the Greatest nation in these few years has never been in the Bible. As your God, I I say they are wrong , My children this nation has reached its bloody hands all over the world and had brought many nations down for bloodshed, lust ,power and greed . My children the ones in USA, America you are Mystery Babylon . Children prepare to meet My Son , I have warned and warned and now hearts will melt. When you see the start of New York City and the USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Ronald Reagan go down than you know the end time clock has started . My children you have had enough time to prepare to meet your end and My Son. Children you were given ample time, AMPLE TIME to prepare spiritually but most were asleep . I as your God is heart broken and grieved by your actions of not seeking me , hence most do not want Me so be it .

My children please turn to The Book of Revelation chapter 15 and read it just like I asked this messenger and than I asked him “ My son when do you think my wrath will take place ? My servant messenger replied “ Lord I honestly do not know I have not had the time to truly study it like I wanted but I would say after all the true believers are taken out of here” My children again what is a true Believer? Can you answer me that ? Children again define TRUE BELIEVER, is it someone who has my Holy Spirit ? . Someone who repents of all sins , someone who confessed all there sins to Me , someone who forgives all, everything, and everyone from what they have done, how about being full of the spirit and being led by My spirit and above all obeying My voice . Children what are those things, can you please answer me . That is how you learn to walk in MY HOLINESS, to become more like, My Son Jesus The Christ . What did my son say if you truly believe you will speak in tongues cast out demons and devils and no poison shall harm you if you drink it. Again children from My Son’s Mouth, My Sons’s teaching ,My teachings, again can you do all of those things or have tried them. All My children, just because you are sealed, do you think ,with My Holy Spirit, does not give you the right to keep sinning without some form of punishment. My children it was a gift from me , to have My Spirit dwell inside you, and I will never take My blessings or gifts away . My children, My Holy Spirit cannot dwell with darkness , once you have My spirit inside you and start down the wrong path and keep going down the ways of wickedness and evil I will take My Holy Spirit away if you grieve My Spirit enough. I will just take him away and turn you over to your father, the father of lies. My children I took the Holy Spirit away from King Saul in the book of Samuel as well as Ananias in the book of Acts. Children please think were these men saved? Did they have my Holy Spirit? Children if they were once saved and had My Holy Spirit, than I took The Holy SPIRIT away were they truly saved. They were once saved but I turned them over to the father of lies . Do you know why ? Can you guess , My children what has this messenger spoken by My words throughout basically all his messages that I have given him , OBEY MY VOICE , so if Saul became disobedient to MY VOICE and Ananias did, What do you think will happen to you . Children please turn to the book of Hebrews chapter 12 and read the whole thing, while you read it , MY SPIRIT will bring to your attention an important verse can you guess which one. Please go to verse 25 , My messenger from one of the messages that he had sent in ,was doing research and was stunned to find this verse, MY CHILDREN WHO AM I , I AM GOD THE FATHER THE CREATOR OF ALL AND WHEN I SPEAK I WANT TO BE OBEYED , OBEY MY VOICE , OBEY MY VOICE, VERILY, VERILY , VERILY I SAY TO YOU IF YOU DO NOT OBEY MY VOICE AND START NOW !!!! I WILL BE FORCED TO REMOVE MY SPIRIT FROM YOU. I WILL TAKE MY HOLY SPIRIT AND SINCE YOU ARE NOT LED BY MY SPIRIT AND OBEY MY VOICE, THAT MEANS YOU ARE BEING LED BY YOUR FLESH SO YOU WILL NOT NEED MY SPIRIT, SINCE YOU DO NOT OBEY MY VOICE OR LET MY SPIRIT LEAD YOU. MY CHILDREN LISTEN UP IF YOU DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT USE THE GIFT THAT I YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN HAVE GIVEN YOU MY HOLY SPIRIT AND LET MY SPIRIT LED YOU AND START TO OBEY MY VOICE I WILL TAKE MY SPIRIT AWAY AS WELL AS LET YOU DEAL WITH MY SEVERE JUDGEMENTS AS WELL AS LET YOU DEAL WITH SATAN AND HIS WRATH. AGAIN CHILDREN I NEED YOU AND WANT YOU HERE WITH ME AND HOW WILL YOU DO THAT IF YOU WILL NOT HEAR AND OBEY MY VOICE . I WILL NOT, REPEAT WILL NOT RAPTURE YOU UNLESS YOU ARE SPOTLESS BLAMELESS AND LEARN TO TRY TO WALK IN MY HOlINESS . I hope you understand please start because your time is over .

End of message

your father in heaven

Scripture given

Heb 12:25 See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven:

Mar 16:16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
Mar 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
Mar 16:18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Act 5:3 But Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, and to keep back part of the price of the land?
Act 5:4 Whiles it remained, was it not thine own? and after it was sold, was it not in thine own power? why hast thou conceived this thing in thine heart? thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God.
Act 5:5 And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things.


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