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Supermarket Crash – Waiting4 Jesus Christ

Supermarket Crash

Waiting4 Jesus Christ

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hi everybody I hope you’re all blessed
among the Lord I wanted to share with
you a vision that my husband had this
morning July 24th 2019 in this vision he
saw people that were looking at the sky
they were watching as a white plane spun
out of control right in front of them
the plane crashed and set on fire he
could see the pilots face also on fire
the plane crashed in front of a
supermarket and that was the end of the
also my husband mentioned the
supermarket looked a lot like Walmart I
know for a fact that there are food
shortages happening as we speak my
daughter my mother and I have all
received visions from the Lord prior to
this one a few months ago if you would
like to check those out also but just
please prepare jesus is coming famine is
coming all of these things will be
fulfilled the Lord’s warnings will not
go void please share this video please
mourn others I do not have Facebook or
social media so I have no other way to
share besides YouTube please PLEASE
brothers and sisters prepare the Lord is
warning I love you all

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