Suicide in the eyes of God – Cheryl Adama

Suicide in the eyes of God

Cheryl Adama

Suicide among those in the churches is a work of the flesh.   For anyone who puts on Christ will not be victim to the spirit of suicide.  Make no mistake this is a spirit that goes about the face of the earth seeking whom he may devour.  Those who do not root themselves into the Truth will not find their way to safety from this most evil influence.  This is why you have many succumb, for they do not take into serious consideration the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, in what He has accomplished for them, nor how they are to live in His name.  They are the result of the false gospel that is ladled out to the masses.  It is a ‘faith’ if you will that is of no weight for it is empty.  The enemy of the cross can spot anyone who does not grasp and take Jesus for truly what He has done, who He is and their place in all of it.  He will prey on those who are arrogantly worshiping in this false system and continually speaks into their minds and hearts.  The amount within this group who battle depression and anxiety is to a very large scale and indicator that I am not in (them).  For where I am I bring peace that passes all understanding and will allow my own to walk through fires and even lay down their own lives – for Me – and still have joy in their heart.  Those who take their own lives through suicide are not in Christ, but are in Self.  They have been led to the place of suicide by the path of selfish ambition.  A self-governed and orientated path.   There is even the fear of speaking out that this is sin.  Those who succumb to suicide were those who were in sin and caught by its ugly power.  ANYONE who is depressed, need to see this as the result of the inward working of self.  For ANYONE who makes their life to be in the position to serve Me, they are in a place where they are far from being caught into suicides trap.  For the aim of the enemy is to take one’s eyes and focus from Jesus Christ in all who He is and what He has done to deliver all from (suicide’s) power.   The wages of sin is death.  Those who give to serve sin, will always reap death.  Suicide is the product of anyone who has served sin.  There is no way of making this look and sound pretty as many in the Christian groups are attempting to do.  The thing that is needed is to turn from the wickedness of many religious circles have gone – in making concession for sin.  They label it as the world labels it.  They assume the medical and psychological labels for what I say is sin, and then they accept it into the group.   As those who gather in My name, in truth – I say love one another.  In loving one another there is the need to come alongside each other and call out sin as it is seen – in the spirit of My love.  The problem is, this is not what happens in the masses – who gather in My name.  They gather for other reasons, but not to connect one to another, in caring and sharing and rebuking one another.  This is what must be, for my people – to watch out for each other.  Reminding one another the power they have to overcome all that the enemy of this world would throw them.  Suicide will only continue to take over many who profess they are one of mine outwardly, but inwardly they deny Me and live according to their own fleshly lust.  Be not deceived, fear, anxiety, fear of man, fear of not been accepted, the feelings of rejection and so forth are all fleshly lusts.  They are what many allow to speak into their heart and mind.  They do not seek, diligently to get wisdom, understanding and knowledge I give.  If they did, they would receive from Me the wisdom understanding and knowledge they need – that will send any fleshly lust running.  For when I give these, I give the fear of the Lord to soak within their soul.  They would see that to fear Me, in who I am, is their safety against any devil that will seek to take their lives.   No matter what high position one may be in among the believing for this is not how one is marked as My own.  Those who are mine will die to live and live to die – and I do not talk about suicide.  I talk about laying down Self.  And this is the problem and why the spirit of suicide has been able to cause so much damage in this world, and among the believing.

I am the God of Hope.  Anyone who is hopeless and seeks to end their lives, has listened to and given their worship to the god of this world for suicide is the fruit he produces.  My fruit that I produce is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Anyone who calls on My name, and will turn from their wickedness I will surely come and heal them.  I will give them the light they need to shine in the darkness that has gripped them.  Many are willing enough to call on My name, but are not willing to forsake anything – and why the high rate of depression and suicide among churches today.

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