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September 22, 2021 8:45 AM
The Messenger

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Received on 9/22/21 After 5:30 Am

My son write what comes forth from Me Your LORD , Your Father,s Holy Mouth . My Children, I am Your Holy FaTher Your One and Only Creator and as I have instructed this Messenger so shall I instruct and give this Command now to you. I Your God The Holy One , say, stay off of all social Media, all, all of it. I want My Brides, My Worthy even My Spotted Brides, The wrinkled ones off all, all social Media . I do not want you on YouTube Facebook, tick tock any thing that puts Your heart and mind away from The tasks at hand anything that takes Your eyes off of Me, Your God, Your Father and My SON, Jesus The Christ or My Holy Spirit.

Children you do not realize The total gravity of The situation right now, I need My Whole Body , all, everyone focused on prayer and fasting for The lost, especially New York City , New York City will be one of The most if not The most hardest hit area from all that shall come forth through My Words. Children, I truly truly truly need you to get ready for what shall transpire , The more The days go by without anything major falling upon this world in a severe catastrophic Measure, the closer it gets to My Words having to be full filled . Children There has been Words, visions and dreams as well as prophecy about New York City that must, must come forth, MUST and that time is now. CHILDREN I NEED A THREE DAYS FAST FROM EACH, of it, dedicated to New York City . I, Your LORD, Your God will speak to you and let you know when and what The fast will have to be . Children I need this for all of New York City all The lost and The innocent. Children time is oh so short My Children, so short and I desire need, want all of you, Your whole, Your soul mind, heart dedicated to this My request. Now is The time now, for you do not know The day or hour when I Your God, Your LORD will require Your life.

End of Message

Your Father, Your LORD

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