South Africa to Antarctica (Part 2) – Lisa B

South Africa to Antarctica (Part 2)

April 5, 2022 1:30 AM
Lisa B: Prayer Warrior

Please read (Part 1) if you haven’t done so and require context in regards to the message below.
Part 1:

The Lord has been tying together some puzzle pieces, in regards to South Africa being the “holding location or meeting point” for those counted worthy to escape into the wilderness.
I believe the Lord is revealing the specific location through these pieces.

My sister lives in South Africa now and I grew up there, we have discussed the coastline at length and figured in our carnal-geographical thinking that it this prophecy were true, then the Eastern Cape province would probably be the most likely.
How the Lord must laugh at our sisterly conversations.

The Lord has shown me otherwise, these are the puzzle pieces:

1. Vision received End of March 2022 – I saw people standing on a narrow beach at the base of a rocky cliff with greenery. My perspective was I was seeing it from the ocean as if I were floating or bobbing around in the water. Suddenly the water around me parted and I slowly slid down the edge of the withdrawn water and landed on the seabed. When I looked, the seabed was covered in people as well as the beach. The sea had parted and I realised it was the second exodus. I heard in the spirit. “THE GREATEST POINT IS NEEDED”

2. As I studied Mapping and Earth Sciences at University, I thought about a point in regards to the setting I saw. When I looked up the greatest point in geographical terms, the options that came up were:
Cape Point (South Africa), Cape Horn (Chile) and a few others in Australia and New Zealand.

3. I decided to explore the South African Option further. When I googled images of Cape point a point showing rugged cliffs and a beach near the bottom are clear. This is very similar to the vision.

4. This isn’t much yet. But, the same week I received a vision of an old fashioned ship with a large sail and crusader cross on the front. It was shown to me as a blue crayon tracing, as if someone had shaded in paper over an engraved/embossed image of the ship. I immediately knew the “tracing” was what the spirit was showing me. “Tracing history”

5. I immediately thought of my South African history and all the explorers. I researched Da Gama and Van Riebeeck and their ships, but none of the ships matched.

6. My geography mind went to work and I decided to stop looking at photos of Cape Point but actually check the map of the area.

7. This beach I saw in my vision, if compared to Cape Point is in fact called – DIAZ Beach.

8. I was so excited, as memories of Bartholomew Dias came flooding back, and YES…….BINGO! The images of his ships that I found all had the white flag with a red Cross/Crusader cross on it.

9. My sister also reminded me that I had a vision of her last year, she was in a car driving and she had a white flag and red cross painted on her right cheek. I feel this is confirmation to that my sister is going into the wilderness, the chosen saints last journey or crusade.

10. I believe another clue lies in my first journal (Which is missing! Gone! Evaporated! The mystery annoying me so much.) I remember writing down something about Cameron Diaz. I wish I could remember, but I think I saw the word Diaz and then all I could think about was the actress, so I prayed for further revelation, prayed for dear Cameron and left it at that.

11. I told the Lord I wasn’t releasing this word until I received at least one more confirmation, as I don’t trust my memory of what’s in or not in my missing journal.

12. This came two nights ago, my sister sent me a photo on an ancient rusty button. It had a cross engraved in the top. She said she had been decluttering her drawers and found it, she couldn’t remember where it had come from. But the next morning she remembered. She had bought it at a shop years before when she went to the Cape of Good Hope Lighthouse, this is just above Diaz beach.

13. I would love to go into the Symbology of a lighthouse being above the beach, but I will leave that for you to ponder over.

Its a lot to absorb, but if you look at the map. Cape of Good hope, Diaz Beach and Cape Point seems to be the region the clues are pointing to.

I thanked the Lord that night, it was late. I told him I would type it all up the next day. The attack that came was nothing I have ever experienced, where terror manifested from the spiritual into the physical, in a way that shocked me to the core.
I felt paralysed yesterday and numb (as well as having flu). The enemy did NOT want this out.

I leave all this with you as a question mark, please ask the Lord for your own confirmation and I would be interested in any feedback if anyone else has been given something similar.

Rev 12:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

Blessings always
Lisa B.

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