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SOS – Anonymous One



March 9, 2022 1:56 PM
Anonymous One

Woke up this morning, 3/9 with SOS Revelation given to me. Morse code and means save our ships and save our souls. The song deeper than the sea then comes to me but couldn’t find it but instead a youtube video of just a picture of a vast ocean and its called deeper than the ocean by bonnie grace. Just like a sad melody with no lyrics and her just making sounds. I cried. We have 2 warships USS Abe Lincoln and USS Ronald Reagan at sea. When these get hit thousands will die. Please pray!

Word: Children, expect retaliation against America! There are three nations that are looking to destroy America. Get your spiritual houses in order! I have not told My chosen scribe here when this will be yet you are in the prime season now as you see the soaring gas prices, food prices and they are not finished yet, even planning much more.

The Biden Administration are the puppets of Obamanation and the global elitists to take this nation down. This is what happens when man sells out his country to the almighty god he follows, who offered him wealth and power lining their pockets as you, My children, go into distress and utter poverty. Satan tried to offer me the same deal: did he not? Many of these men and women in power have offered their soul in exchange for what in a very short period of time will no longer be.

All eyes open! Blinders need to come off! It’s all scripted and planned long ago. Continue to pray for those out at sea, the soldiers, the lost to be found.

Everything is changing quickly. Repent and return with a contrite heart. At least then you will know you will be with Me in My kingdom. You do not know the hour or day you will be called home so do not delay. Otherwise, you will perish!

This nation was blessed abundantly and is now a cursed nation. Your government is a sham and your nation is in shambles. As this continues many will lose their homes, businesses: families shaken; families separated as in Ukraine. They look forward to crushing your livelihood as you are all mere pawns in their hunger for their Utopian New World Order! Everything done in secret is seen from My Throne Room. I see it all!

I am merciful! I am loving but you must do your part and actively seek My face and turn from your ways. You cannot live as you please and expect entrance into My kingdom. NO SIN is allowed in!! This is a DAILY WALK, not a simple prayer without change. If you are doing the same things you did even a year ago, where is the change? Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS) is a false doctrine and only past sins are forgiven when you first repented. You cannot live in sin as you please daily and believe you are automatically cleansed. If the Holy Spirit is truly in you there is change, there is conviction, there is a growing and maturing. You long for purity and to be holy. This isn’t a game. Must I reiterate this warning continuously?

With what is coming you must now think about where you will spend eternity. You do not just die, go to heaven and receive angel wings. You MUST repent daily, accept me as Lord and Savior and let Me in. Only God, not man can save! Eternal home with Me or the liar and deceiver satan who has sold most a bill of goods that he does not exist and that all go to heaven; you will perish and be eternally tormented and in the fire. You have been warned! There is heaven and there is hell. Which will you choose? That is all child.

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