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Sound the Alarm for the USS Ronald Reagan and the USS Abraham Lincoln!

May 13, 2020 1:47 AM

In the last couple of months the Holy Spirit has led me to the names

Lincoln and Abraham

and the numbers 911 and 1111

On 5.9.20 I was driving past a car in a parking lot and noticed its’ license plate that read


Even though the spelling was different I knew it was pointing to the warship USS Ronald Reagan. I went over to Jeff Byerly (Holy Spirit Wind’s site) as he had posted articles on the USS Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln warships before. I found a video posted 5.9.20 on his site titled ‘PRAY FOR CELESTE, STEVEN, THE RONALD REAGAN AND THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN’.

(*Steven is Steven Ben Nun of Israeli News Live who interviewed former FEMA insider and christian *Celeste Solum on You Tube post dated 4.13.20)
In this video, Jeff Byerly shared a clip from Breaking News US Military Defense. The announcer’s opening statement read…

"USS Ronald Reagan is underway as SEC DEF (Secretary of Defense) warns of Chinese military moves in SCS." (South China Sea)

According to Jeff Byerly…“the tension there has been rising all during this pandemic.”

(The warship left its berth in Yokosuka naval base on Monday).

The next video from the Times of San Diego featured the USS Abraham Lincoln. The caption as read by Jeff Byerly stated…

“USS Abraham Lincoln prepares to get underway from North Island on Thursday, May 7th.”

(The USS Abraham Lincoln is one of six U.S aircraft carriers now deployed at sea).

The Lord reveals things to His servants before they happen. I pray that the crew aboard these warships gets a revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior very very soon.

Sound The Alarm For The USS Ronald Reagan And The USS Abraham Lincoln

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  1. Armando Felix

    Peace of Christ.

    I confirm your number 911,2216,1211. 12-2-19.

    Baptize immerse yourself in the blood of the lamb keep your garments in the blood washed daily. Now and forever things as you know it will change. Divine judgement sown to babylon to perish in a narrow channel lincoln carrier in truth at once. Rev 19.13, Matt 10.38, Matt 3.11, Luk 3.16 The Lord had me put this together in this manner. It will be hit with a hypersonic missile it wont miss but hit almost center mass forward. Amen pray for the souls both sides of the aggression. Saw it from either china or russia jet fighter. Paz de Cristo.

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