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Six dreams about future plagues. Episode #8, Steel Sharpens Steel – Robert A Avila

Map produced by Geographx with research assistance from Damien Fenton and Caroline Lord.

Six dreams about future plagues. Episode #8, Steel Sharpens Steel

December 9, 2022
Robert A Avila

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Dream #1:

A sickness is widespread, killing many. I walk a long way. I walk through a standing cube of water. Small plants, each with a few (about three) green leaves and turtles hang suspended in the water. On the far side of the cube, the population now consists of many more women than men. Notes: SARS and MERS killed 1.7 times as many men as women. It is possible to engineer this effect.

Dream #2:

(September 8, 2019) Enemy armies invade the United States and push inland. The Army fights but needs every man they have. A plague kills many men. A general enters the office of a biologist and gives the scientist carte blanche to do what is necessary to find a cure to the plague. God prepared this biologist for this time. The man endured many challenges. God allowed this. The man develops many variations and releases them upwind of towns and boroughs. Then he monitors sick reports. One city reports zero new illnesses—it worked! In a ceremony, God’s man receives a medal.

Dream #3:

Men in suits, working for a large organization, go in pairs and open small vials in various locations in Australia. They assemble in a remote, sandy place marked by infrequent short trees and shrubs. A massive rock, hollowed out to form a safe house, receives all the teams. Their commander appears on a large flat screen monitor. After confirming all the teams released their vials at assigned locations, he says, “I have unfortunate news. One team contaminated themselves. Now, you’re all compromised and will surely die. We cannot release you. You’re locked in. But you have months of food, water, liquor, cigars, and fine foods. Enjoy your last days.” Notes: Dream did not show anyone fumble their vial. It’s possible, even likely, the commander poisoned the safe house, or the food in the safe house.

Dream #4:

I prayed (9-3-2013), “What will happen in Syria?)

Three scenes show:

1. Gray-skinned man stumbles slowly down a street cast in darkness and dusk shadows.

2. Two Arabs converse. Neighbors and family all suffer from an illness. But these two friends enjoy perfect health. They guess reasons for this. They conclude it is because they eat a special diet. The sickness must have been related to food, they decide.

3. The friend crosses town and visits the other. When he arrives, he holds up an automatic rifle and says, “I got an Obama gun!” Notes: On 9-18-2013, Obama’s government approved shipment of guns to Syria.

On 12-10-2022, seeking to find if a sickness broke out in Syria, I learned that cholera broke out in Syria in November 2022. More than 60,000 cases so far, over 100 dead. Most common symptom of cholera is grey or blue-grey skin.

Dream #5:

A series of dreams follows a young Hispanic man through two sets of martial law. UN troops secure a bridge near his home and build a camp. They wear Dutch uniforms and claim to be from Europe. But they speak Spanish and hate Americans.

Gang bangers kill his father. A white man kills the murderers. Lawlessness reigns.

The UN troops trade guns for money and food.
The foreign soldiers have jet packs with gatling guns on the right arm. In the last scene, communities are divided into zones. If one sickness is reported in a zone, all still alive in that zone report for decontamination. Many homes sit vacant. For some reason, the government forces depopulated some entire zones. Nobody enters those zones.

A man and wife receive notice someone in their zone presented ill. They don’t believe it. But they don beige biohazard suits with diagonal zippers and velcro fasteners. They walk to the high school. There, German men who seem to be clones order them through a procedure of stripping part by part and being decontaminated. Then some people worship the foreigners, tall blond men. Anyone who refuses to worship, risks death.

Notes: the jet packs and beige biosuits did not exist at the time of the dream. They do now. The shoulder emblem on the Dutch police uniforms had only just been adopted at the time of the dream.

Dream #6:

Flesh-melting plague.

Scene 1: A journalist suspects a government lab hidden in a woods. She spies on it. One day, something happens. Believing this an opportunity to expose some truth, she runs across a field and opens a door. Entering, she sees lights flashing, barely illuminating dark hallways made entirely of concrete. Two men in full biohazard suits use a flame throwing device to burn floor, walls, and ceiling.

Scene 2: A commercial district with cafés and quaint shops. A man I knew years ago sits with his two young sons in a coffee house. The older boy wants to drive his new car. The younger boy cannot yet drive. Note: using this information and some math, this event could take place around 2025-2026. A woman screams. The three men look into the street. Several people run out of a small shop a block away. The people run fast and hard. They ask a woman who runs to their location, “What happened?” She details specific things that pertain to a new disease. The victim fell to the floor.

Scene 3: An Air Force team places a large prefab treatment center on a street. The structure features two defense walls to protect the medical team. Somehow, the sickness breaches the first wall. Some nurses die. They cease treatment and move everyone into behind the second barrier, after checking each person carefully. They must wait inside the sectioned-off half of the portable unit. In one corner are something like cubby-hole beds. A man crawls into one to sleep. After some hours, the others note he still sleeps. As they look at him, the tissues of his face slide off the bone into a lumpy heap of mush.

Zechariah 14:12 “And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.”


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