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Short Warning for The Church – Caroline Diadem


Short Warning for The Church

Sep 15, 2020, 5:43 PM
Caroline Diadem

Posted Aug 27, 2020

Auto Generated Transcript

hi guys just want to
come on with this quick one really um i
just feel this is from the churches
and i got it some time ago actually i
got it on july 7th
well it’s not ages ago but july 7 2020
so i just want to share this
important warning you have one small
window of
opportunity left to get out of your
churches and preach to the lost
make it count then the world will be
thrown into chaos
you have never before witnessed it is to
bring in the mark of the beast and the
new world order
warn the people not to take the mark but
to count the cost of following me
i am able to preserve those who look to
great deception is about to take place
fast and pray in preparation for this or
you may not be able to withstand the
season that you’re in
persecution will come from your own
members betrayal
and venement opposition stand strong in
i warned you that in this world you
would have trouble
do not be a blind guy leading the blind
take your stand
for me now be resolute
unmovable while all hell breaks loose
i will send a sign to you so that you
know that i
am with you be of good courage i have
overcome the world
be a champion for me i was a champion
for you
i love you with an everlasting love
these are the end
of days the tribulation is just about to
in my love and commitment to you i warn
get ready for my soon return make sure
your garments are white
and have not come become stained by the
world in sin
those who persevere to the end will be
there will be signs in the heavens above
the sun shall be turned to blood in the
great day of the lord
turmoil begins peace shall be removed
from the earth
peace shall only be found in seeking me
for i am the prince of peace look up for
your redemption
draws nigh and so that is a message a
short message
an important warning for the church
thank you

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