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Shipwrecking Eternity – T. Andrew Farley

Jan. 24, 2023
Madeira Beach, FL
Photo: T. Andrew Farley

Shipwrecking Eternity

January 30, 2023 1:26 PM
T. Andrew Farley

My witness: On Tuesday, January 24th in the mid-afternoon I went on a walk with my toes in the sand after arriving earlier to Florida. (I drove from Indiana to Florida to bring a close family member to one of their favorite places.) This was a short notice and unplanned getaway after a lot of things happened in our family the 2 weeks before we left.

After errands and lunch (even though it was overcast and a little chilly), since it was “day one” I suddenly felt a strong urge to go for a walk by myself, so I did! I had picked a distant and specific set of condos to walk to after eyeballing the beach, setting 40 minutes as my minimum goal to walk and pray.

Halfway to my target, I noticed a pretty large sailboat I was coming up on that was stuck and leaning in the sand. I was thinking: “that’s bizarre, it’s unlikely that someone intentionally beached there.” At that point I observed it a bit- but kept on walking. It was good that somehow they didn’t lose the boat, but jammed it in the sand?

On my way back I was coming up on it again and I felt compelled to get a little closer and slow down; maybe I’ll just take a quick picture to mark the novelty of this? So I did of course and you can see it in the meme.

At that point, the Spirit of The Living God spoke to me by the still small voice and gave this instruction: “take a closer look”; so of course I did. I was scanning it from left to right with more focused eyes, then I had a moment and was like: “oh yeah, I need to look at the back and find the name of the vessel?” (and instantly I was now very curious about that, I had a guess about what might be coming.)

I didn’t take a picture of the back, but the boat’s name was “Eternity” and that is my witness. I recall instantly thinking “wow, that’s an interesting name.” I knew God had started something with this but I didn’t hear anything else, so, I took about 25 steps on my southward return to where I was staying and then I heard the shortest “word” He’s ever given me to publicly share; it’s one sentence and He clearly said:

“Many of My people are shipwrecking their eternity!”

As soon as the voice of My King said that through the Holy Spirit, I FELT His grief and I was in intense agreement because of His Spirit who is in and with me. (1 Corinthians 3:16)

I then fully “knew” that He wanted me to prayerfully seek Him further, and share that single word of warning and love from His heart, as well as additional throne room perspective and encouragement from His Living Word- to help edify or save someone from making this massively huge mistake!

This is (sometimes) how He works with me when He’s giving me something to share, but honestly my mind was blown for a second because I realized that whatever had happened to the people and this boat, God had allowed it and made sure that He had me walk by it on the one day it was beached and partially tilted on its side. This was His perfect timing and orchestration, and of course He KNEW the name of that boat ahead of time!

I’m guessing the people were okay; obviously it didn’t sink or I wouldn’t be here right now sharing this background testimony. He allowed it to happen and wanted me to share His critical message and it’s for someone. I pray that He draws the person(s) to this as He wills and that they have ears to hear.

Prior to typing this, I prayed intently and consecrated myself to Him. I asked Him to guard my mind, my lips or my fingertips and to use me as His vessel to glorify His name and encourage His people. By the way, I testify and witness that Jesus/Yeshua, came as the Son of God/His Only Begotten in the flesh; He is the only way, truth and life, and no one can enter Heaven or see the Father without the salvation He has provided us. You must be born again!

Before I share more, I will say even though we all should know what shipwrecked means, the Holy Spirit prompted me to officially look at definitions and a little bit more. I’m going to share the definitions of shipwreck according to Wikipedia (which is basic but thorough) and as I read or scanned through, I knew some of the connections God wants me to share or make in a minute. That said, I highly encourage you to take a quick look, but He also led me to check out “shipwrecking” and everything really started coming together in my spirit via The Spirit of Truth! Here are the links:

Shipwreck – Wikipedia AND also: Shipwrecking – Wikipedia (if you only read one, scan/read the latter of the 2, but both complement each other for the many types of shipwrecks, causes, conditions, errors, breakdowns, poor equipping, breakdowns and accidents that can happen.)

Okay, the ESSENCE of what is happening in the majority (but not all) of people who are “shipwrecking their eternal future” is due to 7 major foundational stumbling blocks the Spirit of God is showing me. The 7 major causes of spiritual and ETERNAL shipwrecking is shown below or next and not in any particular order:

*Fear (or the “spirit of fear”- see 2 Timothy 1:7 below) Fear of man, and lacking fear of the Lord!



*Ignorance/Lack of knowledge (cognitive dissonance/ignorance leads to destruction)
Hosea 4:6 NKJV – My people are destroyed for lack of – Bible Gateway

*Error (the spirit of error) and or Mixture (leaven)
1 John 4:6 NKJV – We are of God. He who knows God hears – Bible Gateway



Remember, in the one sentence word the Lord God gave me to share with you, He said: “MY people are.” To me, that means that He’s primarily talking about (some of) His people or certain believers; yet I know that He created each and every one of His children, including those who are stuck in unbelief and other things, those who do not know Him and He doesn’t know them (yet!).

That said, there are many who are about to be forced to wake up and make a choice, choosing either Him (Jesus/Yeshua) or remaining friends with the world? Don’t take my word for it; take His Word which says to us today or now:

Joel 3:14 (NKJV) Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.

James 4:4 (NKJV) Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

While literally working on this and just a little bit ago, it was placed in my heart that we’re going to have to tackle the 7 things on this list in bites or pieces, to keep it manageable. Stick with me, because right now we’re going to address the first one on the list (fear!) and there’s help coming shortly.

When I look at that “shipwrecking/Wikipedia” link above, these 2 causes of shipwrecking on this list can be associated spiritually due to FEAR; I’m copying and pasting them:

instability, due to poor design, improperly stowed cargo that shifts its position or the free surface effect
navigation errors and other human errors, leading to collisions (with another ship, rocks, an iceberg (RMS Titanic), etc.) or running aground (Costa Concordia)

Your earthly vessel in this test and spiritual war you were born into, can be “run aground” by fear, it can be equated to loading the vessel with literal weight that does not belong on board! Of course common sense tells us whether a sailing vessel, or a cargo plane, putting things on board that do NOT belong combined with weighing too much, is a recipe for disaster! The odds have been greatly increased there will be a shipwreck or in the case of a cargo plane- a crash. Free surface effect relates to counterfeit cargo brought on-board (fear!) which equates to spiritual imbalance- putting the vessel in extreme dangers of sudden shifts and capsizing!
The adversary (satan) in this spiritual war you were born into (Ephesians 6), wants all sons and daughters of God to be in fear because he KNOWS it puts them on the “sand foundation”, and NOT on the Rock; (see end of Matthew 7!) in addition it gives him legal rights to “torment” with spiritual oppressors until we come out of agreement with the lies from the pit of hell- that he has been able to suggest or plant in to our minds!

A dear friend of mine reviewed this before publishing, one great point the Spirit of the Lord spoke to her, is these 7 shipwreck causes reminded her of the “ites” or the giants so to speak, that God spoke to Caleb, Joshua and the children of Israel about in Deuteronomy ch. 7. It’s a great chapter to look at!
Deuteronomy 7 NKJV – A Chosen People – “When the Lord your – Bible Gateway

Brother or sister, if you’re a believer in Jesus/Yeshua, your navigation in the FINAL leg of the race as Jesus will soon return, can be dramatically affected too, if you’re navigating the treacherous waters and waves in fear, instead of standing on the Word of God and the fullness of it or His promises contained within it!

This topic by itself could be chapters or a total book, but I’m going to summarize and finish this soon with a few more words, a prayer model and MOST importantly- links to scriptures! Please keep an eye out for the following follow up pieces I commit to Him (and to you) to do, regarding the other 6 foundational stumbling blocks and prayers to go with them as well! (my goal will be one a week, God willing.)

Now is the time to unplug from programming. (TV and virtually all mainstream media has been overtaken for some time!) Mind control has been employed against all of us at levels most would not or still don’t comprehend. I give witness to this by the Spirit of Truth who’s in and with me. Many people are dying and many more are going to die, because they gave into fear of man and trusted corrupted systems of man, over the promises of the Living God in His living word. I’m not trying to condemn anyone, I’m here as a vessel for the King of Glory to HELP YOU because He loves you so much!

The adversary, the other fallen ones, plus their agents, imps and minions (demons) are all at work, along with the luciferians and their bloodline puppet masters- using TECHNOLOGIES to take us down as well. Fortunately Isaiah 54:17 promises us that while the weapons will “form”, they will not prosper. For this to be the case, we must be saved, appropriate the blood, and be fully armored up and not asleep to the hour we’re in!

They envision a “transformed” (trans-humanist) society where those who don’t know God, or some who were deceived into partaking of a weaponized system we were all groomed for many years to trust or believe in. How could this be true, how could this much evil be coming against us RIGHT NOW? The evidence is out there with thousands of good doctors, NP’s, PA’s and many RN’s, bio-chemists and virologists, whistle-blowers and diligent publishers who have sacrificed their time, resources and risked their lives and careers to tell the truth. In addition, many of YAH’S children/servants have published much on this, including me. God is NOT the author of confusion or mixed messages my brothers and sisters!

What has been injected into many is bottom line a hacking system to take down your DNA (written with the name of Yah/God in it!), add NEW coding to it through adding circuitry, nanobot-technology/bots, and other systems that (if you continue participating in their nonsense) if it doesn’t kill you first, it will prepare you to fit nicely into what the bible shows is the coming “beast system”. If you ever do that, per Revelation chapter 13, your sailboat towards eternity would indeed be shipwrecked!

The ONLY way through this test and how to overcome and endure until the end, is with the Comforter (The Spirit of God) leading us all to truth. To do that, we have to have intimacy with Jesus, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and know the word of God (and believe it!) so that we don’t perish for lack of knowledge. If you have been waking up or caught in this snare; today’s the day to step out of it, in Jesus/Yeshua mighty name!

Finally: there is a critically important and GOOD kind of fear that many are lacking in. It is “the fear of the Lord.” Here is just a partial list of related scriptures, PLEASE read them, our bible has all of the answers in there!

Verses about fear: What Does the Bible Say About Fear? (

Verses about fear of The Lord: What Does the Bible Say About Fear Of The Lord? (

Okay, I’m stopping now and going to 2 prayers. The first one will be a very short one, that IF you pray it or one like it with a sincere heart, God will move. This is a SHORT overall prayer, for a couple of people who may not come back for edification/answers to the other 6 foundational issues that we can’t cover today! This is a model, adjust it from your heart with your own words or pray it as is:

Short Power prayer 1:

“Father, I humble myself and come to you in the name of your Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Yeshua Hamaschiach.) Forgive me for coming into agreement with ANY of the seven items listed in the shipwrecking list, or anything else unknown, any hidden error, mixture, or deception!! You know my heart and every thought, I lay my heart bare for You to examine, show me what I need to see or discern that I MAY have missed, if anything? Deliver me!

Fill me with the Holy Spirit to guide me to all truth, and purge anything not of You completely out of my life!
Heal me and thank you for giving me power, love and a sound mind. Increase my faith and trust so that I overcome and never trust man more than you, help me and my loved ones and increase my discernment and discerning of spirits, so that I may have eyes to see, ears that hear, and give me boldness to stand in trust and faith!

In Jesus (or Yeshuas’) mighty Name, AMEN!

Power prayer 2- breaking the stronghold of FEAR:

Heavenly Father,
In the mighty Name above all Names I come to you with praise and thanksgiving. I praise the name of your Son above all other names! Thank you for a roof over my head, for food today, for all of the things I sometimes take for granted. Help me and those I love, deal with the season it seems we are in and that you’re allowing. Shift me from a lens of fear, to a lens of excitement, so I become an overcomer and endure until the end- for Your plans and purposes, ordained me before the foundations of the earth and before You placed me in my mothers womb!

Help me to “enter in” to the promised land, and not perish in the wilderness as many of the children of Israel did! Help me operate in perfect love, which casts out all fear. I repent, renounce and come out of agreement with ALL of the following: the spirit of fear, angst, trepidation, doubt/unbelief, terror, panic attacks, and ______________________________________ (fill in your blanks of anything else you may be caught in, and He will help you turn from it!)

Your word tells me you don’t give me a spirit of fear, but love, power and a sound mind! I repent of double-mindedness, error, or unbelief if any of those or anything else unknown opened this legal door for the adversary to pounce! I appropriate the blood of the Lamb for the blood is BIGGER, and I plead the blood over myself from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

I take authority according to Luke 10:19, and appropriate what Matthew 18 encourages and I bind the enemy influencing or oppressing me, and I COMMAND them in the mighty name of Jesus (or Yeshua!) to cease and desist! Your legal rights are broken by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of my testimony and my repentance to my Heavenly Father. GET OUT/GO, and never come back! (you may feel some physical manifestation, yawning especially but other things possibly- that’s good and don’t fear it!)

I also bind any and all backlash or retaliation from my spiritual enemies. I loose their demonic residue OUT of my life! Holy Spirit, give me the peace that surpasses all understanding and fill me with Your shalom!
Use me God, help me to be bold and steadfast. Increase in me the gifting of Your Holy Spirit; use me to honor your name and give me the grace and strength to never deny it! I ask for and receive IN FAITH, the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Fill me Lord God with your heart of compassion. Give me a love encounter with you, Jesus!

I am signed, sealed and delivered in the mighty name of the King of Glory! I declare this in faith, in Jesus’s mighty Name, I take your yoke as my light burden, and submit to you God; your word says the devil must flee, hallelujah and… AMEN

If you made it to the end, and read some or all of the scriptures and or prayed- YAH/God bless you or it’s very likely He has or you’re already blessed! He loves us all so much. He allows certain tests and stripping, to purge things coming against us if we allow Him to; He IS the great I AM and the Author and Finisher of our faith!

If you’ve been previously delivered of friendship with the world and all its junk, you’re likely part of His Bridal company or those in His army called to labor in the great harvest! But, please share this word/edification with family or friends who may benefit from it and His goodness which leads to repentance.

My name is on this word and the teaching/prayers is not for any glory to myself, but as a “witness.” I have personally gone through every one of the items on this list in my life and walk, and received His children’s bread over time. The enemy will not give up. Our war is the flesh vs the spirit! We are going to have challenges, there will be times we stumble, but if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us and His mercies are new every day!

I believe we are in the “last leg of the race” or the final stretch. The evidence is overwhelming. The GOOD news is, that means He is really coming back very soon! Soon the supernatural “ark” of our time, the door on it (the door or gate which is Jesus/Yeshua, the “only” way to the Father!) is closing. Don’t be left on the wrong side of the door. Be inside, hidden in Him, protected and when the enemy comes like a flood, the Lord God will raise His standard! Victory is already finished, the devil is a liar!

If you need additional prayer, have questions, or if anyone who hasn’t encountered Jesus through His word or personal intimacy, but you want to- please reach out to me. I’ll be happy and honored to assist, pray or give testimony and or especially biblical encouragement or counsel.
I’m one of the foolish (formerly most stubborn kids He’s ever had on the planet) He’s chosen to confound the wise on occasion and who showed up at the vineyard late in the day and is still receiving the blessing of a spiritual paycheck/eternity so to speak!

If you’re a married woman or sister, I can invite a female minister to join us or refer someone to others, pending the leading of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, I’m happy to pray for you and your husband together (or if he joins us) and help if I can. (I can’t do anything at all, but the Jesus in me can.)

May YAH bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you, may He give you His peace!
T. Andrew Farley

I may be reached via e-mail at: or my personal Facebook page is under:
T. Andrew Farley. I’m on Telegram also, username: @Wings2022.

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