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It IS at hand

November 10, 2022 9:46 PM
T. Andrew Farley

October 25, 2022

“Son of man speak.” (I heard this, and then I knew what was happening; I pulled out the recorder on my phone, and spoke the following through the Spirit of God who was in and with me.) This occurred at a very special property in Kerrville, Texas where the Spirit very specifically led me to on the day this happened.

Here is His witness:

I am speaking (mostly) to My children on this day, those who know Me as their Father.
Those who know that I am real, they confessed Me with their lips and they believe in their heart that
I AM, but many of them have become complacent in this world which is but temporal and fading away.

Those who are caught in complacency have “dust” all over the Living Word, their bibles sitting and waiting for Me to speak to them, waiting for Me to encounter them, to give them instruction and wisdom for this hour that is coming upon the entire earth. Yea, it is at hand!

To these children of Mine, I need you to wipe off the dust from the treasure chest I have given you, and you must go into My living Word now, no more delay! I instruct you to go to Matthew 24, into Mark 13 and also into Luke 21
to read and HEAR what I would speak to you! Test these words spoken then, about what is going on all around you right now.

My disciples (back when they forsook all to follow Me) asked me: “What and when will these signs of the times of the end be?” I answered their question then (as recorded in My word) but ultimately I was answering on that day for YOU and your family TODAY; for you are the final generation that will see My return upon the earth!

First it will be through and in My people, and then I will come and subdue the nations under My feet when I judge and erase all of the evil that has come upon the earth. For you to be prepared and fully equipped for the fullness of the call I’ve placed on each and every one of your lives, now is the time to seek intimacy with Me like never before!

Ask Me to help you pray, ask Me to speak to you in My word, ask the Holy Spirit to send His fire to fall upon you, as I did with My “church” when the faithful ones waited in the upper room. More than 500 started out or heard My instructions, but only 120 were obedient and remained in position for what The Holy Spirit did!

Be like those who remained patient and who discerned the time, as well as the sound of My voice and my instructions. I will protect all of My sheep, those who are mine will not fall out of My mighty and righteous right hand, as I promised in My word. Yet some fell short of the fullness of the vision and promise I had for them; this is your wake-up call, this is a love notification to seek Me with all of your heart; return to Me!

Let go of the things of this world, the things that will fade away, the things that will be burned; the idols that are coming down that the rest of the world clings so tightly to. You My children, cannot be found with those idols in your grip, let go and repent of what so easily besets you (and that you have remained in agreement with) for that is how a stronghold forms! My grace is sufficient, come to Me and I will make it fall away by My power in your weakness, in your humility My strength resides.

I AM coming to remove all high-places, I am coming to destroy all altars that are setup against Me. Anything and everything not of My Kingdom will be dismantled, demolished and destroyed; for behold I bring My Kingdom soon upon the earth, yea that final season of the age; it is at hand!

Soon I will create new heaven and a new earth, and the New Jerusalem will be the habitation of My living stones, the children of inheritance. (I have spoken to you about this as well in My word My children.) There are amazing and encouraging nuggets of wisdom that I have for you there, that will enable and empower you to resist the spirit of fear, to never think or even consider of denying my name. There are some of you who will be called in front of judges and kings to give a testimony; they will confront you or call you into the courtrooms of persecution. In My Word, I have given you instructions on what to do and how to trust Me to help and use you when that time comes. If this happens to you, you must not fear!
This is (or MAY be a part of) your purpose: to trust Me and allow My Holy Spirit to guide your lips and speak what I will say to them. It will be a testimony to My glory, to My love, and it will be recorded in all of eternity; your obedience to stand and trust in giving witness boldly!

Some of My children are called to be martyrs! If they stand up in that call from the position in the fullness of love and compassion they will have nothing to fear, as I have removed the sting of death! If you have fear of the Lord God, you will not fear or follow men, and you will know you are of a Kingdom, and no longer of this dark and overtaken world!

Trust Me when that moment comes, do not deny My name and the fullness of your inheritance is waiting for you as well as all of My martyrs who will (also) rule and reign with me during My Millennial Kingdom reign!

I love you all, My children. Now is the time once and for all to put away distractions and hindrances that your enemy the adversary has very cleverly created and orchestrated, to make you dependent on the things of him, these things that would distract you and keep you separated from Me. For Me to know you and for you to know Me, we MUST have a relationship! Put aside your sin (repent), your burdens, your busyness, and enter into My rest- this is a command for today, so that My purposes for you will be fulfilled; I MUST come first!

To all of My children who have already separated themselves from the things of the world: You already know what I AM getting ready to do! I am currently drawing a body together, perfectly joined, formed and fitted! I’m also shaking and quaking within My church, I am separating chaff from the wheat, I am separating wheat from tares, I am separating sheep from the goats, and I am separating sheep from sheep!

Many have started to discern (through the gifting of the Spirit) the full exposure of the bright light that is Me and My living word shining upon the false prophets of today and the apostates, those who are falling to error with mixture; those reprobate seducers who would lead My sheep into another fold and by and through a different gate. There is no dark corner or hole or cave that they will be able to hide from Me in!

To them I speak desolation to their thievery; soon I AM is coming for you to silence you once and for all- unless you repent NOW, fall upon your knees and cry out unto Me!

Remember My children, this is the most exciting time to come upon the earth, that many in heaven want to be here with you! They are cheering you on, they are excited because they want to see what the church at the end of the age will do (not the buildings with walls, but my children with the Spirit of the Lord in them, My true Temple!) with bright lights from the full oil in their lamps, because they know they were made and placed here for a time such as this.

My warrior angels will war with My remnant in the greatest spiritual victory ever imagined; for it was and is finished! Take your position on My wall, seek Me for instructions or wait for Me to move and place you. You must filter out all enemy communications or influence, by being a diligent seeker who knows how to put on their armor and appropriate the power of my blood and covenant word that shatters veils over the eyes of the blind!

Behold, I call you to now rise and shine! No enemy agent, imp or minion will stand in the way of Me and the children’s bread that I am going to bring to the broken, through your lips and your hands. These chosen ones will never steal My glory, they are my “nameless brigade” and pride has been purged from them through the fires of affliction and preparation, to shine like purified silver and gold, held in the mighty right Hand, of the Lion of Judah! Are you ready? Behold I come quickly and My reward is with Me!

Jesus Christ of Nazareth/ Y’shua Hamaschiach (through my available vessel)

(end of word)

This word from the Lord God came forth on October 25th, 2022. Spoken/recorded and later transcribed by
T. Andrew Farley.

Included below are direct links to scriptures I was led to (BEFORE this word came, but later I realized it was for this word. Please take the time to read and pray over them. Test everything.

The three chapters He referenced in this word:

Matthew 24 AMP – Signs of Christ’s Return – Jesus left – Bible Gateway

Mark 13 AMP – Things to Come – As He was coming out – Bible Gateway

Luke 21 AMP – The Widow’s Gift – Looking up, He saw – Bible Gateway

Other precise scriptures I was prayerfully led to, just prior to receiving this word:

ALL of Isaiah 65: Isaiah 65 AMP – A Rebellious People – “I let Myself – Bible Gateway

Luke 8:17 AMP – For there is nothing hidden that will – Bible Gateway

Mark 13:11 AMP – When they take you and turn you over – Bible Gateway

Mark 12: 1-44 AMP – Parable of the Vineyard Owner – Jesus – Bible Gateway

John 10:1-18 AMP – Parable of the Good Shepherd – “I – Bible Gateway

Revelation 3:14-22 NKJV – The Lukewarm Church – “And to the – Bible Gateway

Nehemiah 4:14-18 NKJV – And I looked, and arose and said to the – Bible Gateway

Jeremiah 33:6-9 AMP – Behold, [in the restored Jerusalem] I – Bible Gateway

Numbers 14:21 AMP – but indeed as I live, all the earth – Bible Gateway

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