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Shepherd’s Rod
Posted on November 13, 2012

A great earthquake is coming to your land. Your government will try to help but will only be able to help a small number. No food, no water no electricity will be common place and to add insult to injury it is going to be cold, freezing cold. Chaos describes the scene as the people fight for what is left. Looting and stealing scraps of food for survival. The eventual suffering will be immeasurable. People will be rounded up like cattle and put into internment camps. There will be no toleration of any type of free speech as you know it in your once great nation. The location of this earthquake will surprise many. Even the experts will be perplexed as to how and why its devastation stretches so far. This will be a game changer for your once great nation. The so called friends of your nation will do little to help. They will be digging out of their own problems. This is a message to America. Quakes causing tsunamis to come upon your coastland will occur. Many people will perish. The elements will rule. Earth shaking, water covering, fire burning. The Creator hates wrath. The Creator weeps when his wrath must come upon his creation. His heart aches and longs for his creation’s initial perfection. Woe to his creation that has turned against him and walked with the father of this world. The sin of your nation and the world will no longer be looked upon. The evil has become an abomination to the Creator. My sheep, pray that you are worthy to escape the wrath of the Creator. My angels have been given authority to pour out wrath in your nation and around your planet. Pray that you are worthy to escape these things. Time for you to enter the ark is so short now.

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