Shake Yourself – Carla Smith

Carla Smith

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Shake Yourself

Daughter, write these Words

Change is coming, change that will catch most off guard … All seems well, but it is not.

The wind of change is blowing and will soon cause men to shutter in fear … Most are defenseless, having no clue of what will overtake them … My church is not ready, My people are not ready … I speak continually to warn and call to them to seek Me for wisdom, but they do not.

I have called many to warn My people and they are mocked and ignored, WHY IS THIS SO? … Do I not control all of heaven and earth? Do I not own all you see? Then why do you ignore My warnings?

Mysteries are being revealed … My true followers are seeing and understanding … They seek Me for understanding and I reveal to them My truths … Many slumber not knowing they’re asleep, SHAKE YOURSELVES !!!! Ask Me for understanding of the time in which you are now living … A time of great danger approaches, and your eyes are blind to the reality upon you.

My children must be growing in readiness for what will shake the earth … Ready your hearts, ready your minds, you must learn to depend on My every Word of direction and instructions … Chaos will be the norm and you must know to hear My voice and close out all the distractions coming from all sides from destruction.

I Am your shield, your peace in the storm that’s coming upon mankind … You must be anchored in ME, anchored in My Word, knowing that I AM your strength … If you try to depend in your own strength, YOU WILL FAIL … Close out all distractions in your daily prayers … My Spirit within you will pray when you yield yourself to Me … Ask Me for this gift (prayer language, tongues) , and I will hear you.

Do you hear the approaching sounds of war? Do you sense the change coming to the nations?

Listen with your spiritual understanding and you will know the timing is close.

Call on Me now!! … Time will change as you know it … Draw close to Me, I AM your shield.

You must learn to love and reach out to the broken that I will place in your path … Love as I have loved you, unconditional and full of mercy … Thousands will be scattered and broken, and My children must love and help all those in pain … Doing this, you do unto ME.

Prepare yourselves IN ME, otherwise you are lost and without hope.

Thank You Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word, I love You.

Isaiah 40:31 Jeremiah 33:3 Psalm 32:8 Matthew 25:45 Luke 12:35, 39-40 Romans 13:11-12
Ephesians 1:17, 5:14 Philippians 4:13

A Daughter of Messiah at 8:53:00 PM

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