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The Worthy shall Stand – The Messenger

The Worthy shall Stand

June 25, 2021 3:02 PM
The Messenger

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Received June 25th 2021 at 6:21 AM

My son please take these words down. My children please look around, please pay attention, I will say this again, please look around please pay attention.,My children, saved and unsaved, My brides who are worthy, and the foolish ones who are not . I your God, The Father in Heaven is grieved and I am sad, I am angry, I am disappointed, I am tired of what My creation has become and what My own image the one I made in My likeness has become; and what you have done, not just to each other but this world you live on . I as your Holy, Righteous, Just , Loving , most Merciful Father Who Art in Heaven have tried everything within reason to wake this world up. To wake up the spiritually dead, and to no avail most still slumber, most follow man instead of My Holy Spirit, please read Romans 8:14 . My children, all of My children, nothing and I mean nothing that I have done has yet awakened the masses. I have sent dreams, visions, messages, messengers, prophets, watchmen , I have allowed Covid, earthquakes, storms typhoons, hurricanes, severe weather in parts of the world, pestilence etc, I have allowed or I Myself have sent on a world level and individual . All of My true kingdom workers all teach, true belief on what My Son the Anointed One , Jesus The Christ did for you, as well as what he taught while walking on earth . True repentance, turning away from sin, true confession of all sins, true forgiveness to all, everyone of everything ever done to you, all these are requirements and all must be done from the heart. You must be led by My Spirit to be a Son of the Most High God, again Romans 8:14, and above all, plastered thru out My Holy words is obey My voice above all. Hence go read the book of Samuel, when I do not talk to King Saul anymore because I took My Holy Spirit away from him. My children there are but a few things left I can do to awaken at least My own disobedient bride, My own who think that they are My own . Mystery Babylon you America have never had a real crisis as a country, never have I really allowed you to go thru much turmoil as other nations . You America have never had the threat of war at your doorsteps in ages. The last time was for your independence of a nation the one that I raised up. Now is the time where history repeats itself . I your God will allow the Medes, the Persians, The bear, and the dragon to conquer, divide, and plunder your land, you will become desolate and burn . Russia and China have been conspiring against you, and as your Holy, Just God I am, and will allow this all to transpire. This grieves me but what else can your God do. For those not ready, My disobedient brides, I could take My Holy Spirit away , I could take your children away from you, but as a Merciful, Most Merciful God I will not, Not yet . My children you have never frankly have had a war for this generation, on your own soil, You have enjoyed My protection and now that ends. I must and repeat must get most to awaken before it is too late, most are drunk asleep spiritually, most do not understand, most do not walk in holiness which you must do to get to where I am at. My children if I keep allowing you as a nation to keep going to what you have become there would be none and I will say it again ,none left of Mystery Babylon.

My children you must realize this must take place it is in My words, seek it out , I could easily hand My children scripture, but what good what that do. Again you need My Holy Spirit and a full spirit to unlock My truths in My words, only with this and hearing My voice do you gain complete understanding and than you truly realize how corporate man is, how they have corporate doctrines who do not, nor ever understand My words. I love all My creations all My brides, all My children but I am weary and grieved, My Son is ,My true only Son and My spirit. Something drastic has to occur to make and awaken those at slumber, that time is at hand. The few that are awake have tried, have obeyed to try to wake those up, but to no avail they get mocked and ridiculed . My beloved children, My worthy brides, My end time army. You have been sensing My spirit, you have been gaining more of it and you have been sensing urgency , as well as something will happen soon, and you would be correct for soon, so soon, on My timeline will all these things come to pass . What does it say in My Holy words again in them, pray always that you are accounted worthy to escape all that shall come to pass and stand before the Son of man. My children what does all mean, there it means everything not one thing, all means in totality . I will be sending My Anointed One, Jesus The Christ to take My worthy ones away. I already know they can stand before My Holy Son, for they, try to walk in My holiness . The rest of those will need further refinement ,further purification . This is where you will either get refined to walk in My holiness or not, the choice is yours and has always been your choice ,and let me repeat this. I will never take your free will away ,never ,ever, never , again I have said this numerous times I will not take your free will away you either come to me and My true Son with arms wide open or not, it is your choice. My children time is at hand and soon you will see My words, to come to pass and the words I have spoken thru My prophets and messengers. End of message Your Loving Most Merciful Father Who Art in Heaven .

The messenger

Here is scripture that the Father wanted me to put down

Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man


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