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Babylon Has Fallen – The Messenger

Babylon Has Fallen

Lesson Number 24

August 13, 2021 8:43 AM
The Messenger

Received 8/11/21 After 4:30 Pm

The LORD OUR FATHER THE CREATOR , wants me to put a back story before this message on the importance of cleaning and clearing your heart , to make it totally clear, clean and void of anything that he has put on it. The second thing is a confirmation of a message that One of His Children had put up on the 444 Phrophecy News Site, The tile is Be Ready For It Comes By Teri Henessey here is the link to the message .

First my back story about what The Father wants me to convey to you. Last year I had 3 things that The Lord Had put on my heart one was about My Dad and the other two were very personal they were things that had happened to me along time ago in my past. The one thing I took care of with my dad but the other two things were extremely tough and The Lord new it. That inner still voice kept telling me you have to take care of this and it was constantly there, it just was. This was basically the end of spring beginning of summer 2020 and kept on going, it was there and would not go away. So let’s fast forward to the end of 2020, around December , I was driving along in my car and The Holy Spirit spoke to me and basically said My Son The Courts of Heaven have determined that you must take care of the things placed on your heart. I than proceeded to say to myself The Courts of Heaven? , what in the world . Again The Holy Spirit Spoke to me the same thing , this time I basically made an excuse to why I should not do it , again The Spirit said the same thing to me again. So I did not obey and hence thru God’s Mercy and Graces he had given to me he used someone in my life to confront me of it , The person flat out asked me what had happened and I knew I could not lie I just could not. So what was put upon my heart after I was confronted of, what was there was lifted. I never wanted to confront it what The Lord had put there because of fear , now I realized it set me free no longer was it there no longer was the fear there.

After this happened, shortly after that is when, Early one morning the Holy Spirit had spoken to me and said My Son get up and go downstairs , The Father has a gift for you. So I obeyed and went downstairs it was than I was told to breathe in a couple of times and was gifted with the gift of tongues, it was there that I was filled with His Holy Spirit it was than that truly The Helper had come , it was after all this that His Voice , The LORD’s, Our God’s Voice became more clear. Shortly after all this was than I was appointed a Messenger for The Kingdom. The point of all this is to convey to you that you must get rid of anything that is placed on your heart by The LORD Our God , to be clean so he can fill you up with his Spirit , so you can be totally free and that He can use you according toHis Will . Thru His Grace his Mercy and Longsuffering towards me he did what was best for me and I truly see that now . Thank you LORD our Father , thankyou Jesus and The Holy Spirit . So Please just obey what he puts there you will later be grateful to God that you did .

So how does this first part tie into the message by Teri Henessey, well thru this whole year I have been hearing trumpets being blown as well as also small words that go with the blowing trumpets as well as sometimes I would hear. The courts of Heaven are now in session as well as some names being mentioned that are in our bibles. So I would write this all down when I hear it and put the date and time. So it was Wednesday August 11th when I heard this ,Was told to stop praying and listened to 7 horn trumpet blasts than was told to write down destruction of mystery Babylon to commence. This was at 2:37 Pm on August 11 2021.

At 2:42 was told to write down it is time to go and
At around the time of 3:01 -3:02 PM heard this is not a drill than heard air raid sirens, I also Heard airplanes dropping bombs. So on the way home from work I was led to read Teri’s message and I did , after I read the message The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said My Son You will confirm that message and I said ok LORD how , I was told to write down what I had heard today and that I would get a message in a little while to write all of it before the message, so hence everything that I was told to write I did above.

Now here is the message.

My son who is soon to be raptured and transformed take these Words down for all to hear. My Children get ready get in your positions ,your posts for everything ,all that has been written by My Prophets of old in My Words will now come to pass . My Children get ready, gird yourselves for all the Words from My True Messengers, My True Watchmen and True Prophets are about ready to come to pass. My Words will pass so quick by the non believers and sleeping Christians for My SON comes for the True Church , True Believers , The Worthy, My Harvesters. ,It is upon you as of now, all will commence, all will go forward. My Children I am Your God, I am The Creator Your God I Am The Alpha The Omega I have always been and always will be. Me and My SON Jesus The Christ are ONE and the same . My Children ,My Children I have warned in various ways thru Various methods and thru various Kingdom Workers, My Prophets , Watchmen and Messengers .

The time has come, now is that time for My Mercy will not hold back any longer. I will repeat that , My Mercy will not hold back the forces of evil any longer. Earlier today I sent this messenger a small message as well as some others saying this is not a drill and they all heard sirens and trumpets of some kind blowing . My Children this is it, My ark door now is shut , those found Worthy get ready, be on standby and alert . My Wheat get ready to learn to walk in My Holiness , My Fires of Holy Purification so you learn to do so.

My Children look to the east coast. You will see the fiery kickoff event to start and see New York City go up in a fireball like no other. Now My Children turn to the west coast and watch as your God’s Hand moves against California. Watch how I shake ,rattle and roll it as it tumbles into the ocean. America you will be sliced and diced. You had your hand in My Land , now mine will divide yours. Mystery Babylon USA I bid you farewell ,such high hopes and now your fall will be complete.

My sleeping bride you better learn quick how to wake up, and as your God it better be faster than lightning or you will find yourselves buried in darkness for a long, long ,long time. The time is past now ,wake up or perish. There is no other way you

Laodiceans I will spill you out.

My Army a ten hut now , your God speaks it, for I am tired and weary you will never learn, Mystery Babylon never, America never will you. Again destruction Cometh now I have sounded the alarm, blown the trumpet to My Messengers and Watchmen, man your posts it is going to be a bumpy ride. Those Abiding in Me stay in Me , it is the safest place to be now. There is no time, none, this is the appointed time, it is in My Words it is there and most do not, nor ever have truly searched for it. My Children Russia and China will attack you , will and I as your God will say this, I am weary I am tired, the longer your God waits to let all things come to pass the more people are lost to their bad choices of taking the vaccine. Out of mercy, I as your God will start all, everything for if I do not, no flesh would be left. My Children I have heard your pleas, your cries, and this , My ones , My Children is the best way . I love all My Children, but most are led astray by science and not in belief of Me your God. I as your God do not want any to perish and suffer an eternal death, especially taking the poison vac. It is time to wake the slumbering masses up.

End of message

signed your Caring God The Creator.



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