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September 5 Prayer Request Update – Handmaid of the Most High

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September 5 Prayer Request Update

September 19, 2022 6:42 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

Greetings Saints of the Living Father!

Sunday, September 18, I was released from the hospital after 5 days inpatient. More extensive testing is planned but doctor’s lean to multiple issues. More tests are ordered outpatient for further evaluation.

Continued prayers are coveted and greatly appreciated by me. We serve a creative Lord, who heals and raises people from the dead!

Please also pray for those medical professionals and support staff, which I come in contact with to do their job promptly and with excellence and without confusion or distractions. Repeatedly the ball was dropped which prolonged my stay.

My “new” 2 year old air conditioning unit has been operating improperly for months and I am getting conflicting reports on the cause. I know that this is how the enemy torments me in 95+ degrees with 90% humidity and me running a fever for months has been brutal. I am asking the Holy Spirit to fix it and/or the angels to defeat anything interfering with its operation. One place wanted $2500 to “fix” it with a part “they have” that I learned is out of stock in the U.S.

Jonathan, has mentioned that a couple people have asked him how they can help. He has my contact information if you would like to make a financial gift. I am most grateful. I realize times are extremely strained with finances being a matter for many and I do not want anyone to give out of emotion or detrimental personally.

Your prayers are so appreciated! I wish I could convey how much I value them above all else. I have felt them these past two weeks.

God bless you, bride.

Soon, so very soon, many of us will be given the way of escape to the best retirement plan ever offered!


Handmaid of the Most High

*Please pray for the true prophets and watchmen of the Most High, many are being attacked in their body. Standing on the front lines for the Lord is not for sissies. Remember that the same day Ezekiel prophesied Jerusalem’s fall to Babylon, his wife died.

I know Dan from GodsHealer7 seems to be dealing with similar symptoms with no resolution or answers.


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