Seek the Treasures of the Kingdom of God – Janice Sharp

Janice Sharp

Seek the Treasures of the Kingdom of God


Oh daughter how many times have I spoken to you asking you to come to Me now as you are. I Am well pleased that you have desired to hear from Me and to do My will for your life. So many are desiring the things of this world rather than the treasures I have for each of My annointed ones. There is much to say because time is very short now for your world. I come in all My Glory and all those who belong to Me will see Me for Who I Am. Many will say in that day, remember me Lord, and I will say I never knew you. This is a great tragedy and will cause many to lose their minds in grief when they see they will not be taken to be with Me in My Father’s House. The Day of the Lord is at hand. It will be a day of great darkness as the descendants will rise from their graves and brought before My glorious Throne. Touch those around you who are hurting and scared, who did not know the Truth because they were deceived by the god of this world. Asatan has devised many plans to ensnare those that would call out to Me. If My little ones will humble themselves and repent of their sins, they will be forgiven for their many sins. Why were so many deceived? Because I have let it be so. You must be seeking the Truth in order to find it, it’s as simple and pure as that. How can you find something you were never looking for? The blinders will be removed from the eyes of those who want to see the Truth. When they see what the man of sin will do, it will cause those who once belonged to Me to call out for help. When they look upon the One whom they have pierced, they will grieve and mourn mightily.

The sands of time have trickled through slowly but will now begin to pour. Take what has been given to you and share it with others now. The wealth of nations will be taken in one day. The leaders will gather together to give their power unto the beast with deceit dripping from every blasphemous word he speaks. They will not relent on their attacks on the people as they each vie for prosperity in his kingdom. They believe they will be as gods as he has promised them. The snakes are in the parlour and the food has been spoiled. Fear spills over into every part of your realm as many invest the time and efforts to prevent evil from taking their souls. For many it is already too late as they have given away their birthright.

Take no time to run after any false teachings of men. The lukewarm masses will run to My Holy Fire. The churches will fall into the melting pot of their one world agenda. One religion, one faith, one leader, one money system and one pit. Do not follow them, follow Me. I Am your Saviour and I will lead all that have been given to Me by My Father. Asatan will not be allowed to pluck them from My hand. There will be many lying signs and wonders but you will see through their lies. Do not be afraid and seek Me for your daily bread and protection from the evil one. Death will pass over your household, all those who mark the lintels of your hearts with My blood. When they come searching for who is Mine, I will hide you from their eyes. Their technology will fail them and when they cannot take mine, they will be sorely vexed.

Now, let Me tell you how to live. Write about those who plan to market their flesh as sanctified when it is corrupt and diseased with sin. They will try to herd you into places of worship that are NOT of Me. This is why I have taken you through the church system and out the other side. For they were created to herd people in and mark them. They will use their technology to track each person and those not willing to be tracked will be labelled as dissenters, who will be hunted down and killed. I will keep you off their radar but you must remain with Me at all times, not giving heed to any spirit that does not confess that I have come in the flesh. Wicked are they who seek to hide their plans from the Lord God of Heaven’s Armies. Wrap yourselves up with light, stay in My presence and seek Me for guidance each day.

The Kremlin will step forward now and make their move to take back their power that was taken by the Republic of the once free nation. All will be revealed now in the light of My Glory. Wrap yourselves in light! The armies will march upon the land of the free and home of the brave but their bravery will fail them and their freedom has been sold out from underneath them. The armies will be ferocious and unforgiving as the people will pay for the sins of their leaders. There is no stopping this invasion and I will not relent in My plans when the Restrainer is lifted. How could they not see their enemies at their gates? Because they came in under the guise of freedom. Many trojan horses were helped in to place by those who have sold their souls for money and power. Their judgment shall be swift and just and will not contain any mercy.

Wash your robes in My Blood. Keep your thoughts, words and actions pure as you wait upon My deliverance. I will lead you to others who will follow Me in the same way. Stay in My presence and worship at My alter of grace. It will soon be too late for many who have sought only after the treasures and pleasures of your world rather than seek the treasures found only in My Kingdom.

Now go and seek Me with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, for I AM worthy to be praised.
Your loving Saviour and King Yeshua

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