Seek First the Kingdom and be not led astray – Cheryl Adama

Cheryl Adama

Seek First the Kingdom and be not led astray


Be still, and know that I am God. Come into this place of stillness and drink of rest, my rest I give to all who seek for Me. No, I do not give My rest, for those who only seek for it. I give My rest to those who seek Me.

As you seek me in your questions, your suffering and even in your troubles – I am there, for you. Careful though to not seek Me for the questions, nor for the answers – Seek first, Me. Do you see the difference? Come to the Creator, the Author to seek Him – and I will give all that I have for you that I see you have need of, and so you must trust Me in this as well. For I know what is best and perfect for all who seek Me.

You see, many seek after being comforted, many are desperate for rest and peace and many are frantic to be calmed in their fears – but they seek for these things. They pray and ask for prayers for these things. They do not get what they desire because they do not first desire Me. In this kind of seeking and praying (for things) they are vulnerable for the enemy to be the one who will give to them what they ask for. They do not see who is the one who gives to them, and they are deceived, though the fruit of it always reveals the truth. This is the open door that has allowed for the corruption of truth in many who believe, for they are led astray into all kinds of deception.

I say, Seek first the Kingdom – who is Me – and I will then give all that I see you have need of. Out of this way, you will have My peace, rest and joy. For this is how any who are mine, will overcome. They do not depend upon things to sustain them, they depend only upon Me. For those who go after seeking to be soothed, comforted and eased of pain and suffering – they will not receive from Me to grow them strong and in faith.

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