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Seal of the Innocent Blood – CK


Seal of the innocent blood

Sep 10, 2021 2:20 PM

Some background. I am 70 years old, overweight, type II diabetes. Several month ago, I began following several of the suggestions from this newsletter: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, Dandelion tea, Turmeric and Ginseng tea. A week ago (September 3, 2021), I came home exhausted. I fell into bed and sleep. Saturday, I make my first mistake. I took covid home self-test and it was positive. When I slept, my fully vaccinated wife contacted the hospital. They said this was very serious and I needed an immediate infusion of remdesivir if I was going to survive. by Tuesday September 7, all of my wife’s friends (also fully vaccinated) were fall panic mode for me to go to the emergency. So, I scheduled a phone consult. The consulting physician also went into panic on dire nature of the situation. I was given a “slot” at the local emergency room. When I got there I waited for an hour for “triage”.

I was heart broken for all of the pain and hopelessness around me. I prayed individually for each person in the room.

When my turn came for “triage” I was taken to a room. A nurse’s aid took my temperature and oxygen. The nurse when through a series of questions:

Have you been exposed to covid? Yes
Are you vaccinated? No
Do you want to be vaccinated? No
Are you willing to take remdesivir (Made from fetal tissue)? No

While answering these questions the room became crowded with several skinny dark creatures. One of them said to the nurse. Let him cook for awhile. When he cannot breathe, he will do anything we want. In the midst of this there was another perspective change. The nurse developed a large 3–D of a fetus with a silent cream on her chest. It was moist and leaking blood. The “Seal of the innocent blood”. The assistant had one as well. I wen back to the waiting room for another 3 hours. I began to see that several in the waiting room had this “Seal of the Innocent Blood”. Eventually, I simply left. I believe God was merciful and spared by file.

Some important issues: When I signed in, I gave my preferences for treatment, but if two doctors deemed I was not competent to make decisions, they could declare me temporarily incompetent and the “best” choices as they deemed appropriate. My refusal to get vaccinated to take remdesivir would definitely qualify as evidence of my ability lack of competence. The doctors could do whatever they choose!

Satan was using deception to seal as many as possible with the “Seal of the innocent blood”.

As I looked around I saw that even I was marked (even though I had not taken the vax).

What I learned about the “Seal of the innocent blood”:

1) When I take the Vax or any substance that was developed with fetal tissue, I am voluntarily marked with the “Seal of the innocent blood”.
2) When I voluntarily help another (taking my wife to get vax at her insistence) I am marked with the “Seal of the innocent blood”.
3) The seals are cumulative.
4) The blood of the seals a drips off on those around the individual.
5) The more the seals, the more the stench.

I have been confessing my sins to Jesus. I fear that my wife will see what bad shape I am in, she panic sand I wind up in the emergency room deemed incompetent and given “proper” care.

I am having a very hard time being coherent. I am going to send this now for fear I may not be able later. Please pray for me that God would bring miraculous healing, or take me quietly to be with Jesus.

Last Warning: Hospitals are death.


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