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Revival-The Miracles-A glimpse – McKana

Revival-The Miracles-A glimpse

April 9, 2021
Matthew 10:8 (KJV)
Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

The Lord gave us the word, mentioned many times through many prophecies that during the times of “The Great Revival” miracles and wonders will happen and a mighty harvest of souls will take place. We all remember the prophecy given to Tommy Hinks. All the true children of the Lord will go out as assigned, accompanied, protected by the Holy spirit and the Angels of the Lord for miracles will happen in the streets. We are told, the children of the Lord will do miracles like the old times better and and even greater. The time is here for for a great works, wonders and miracles in all corners of the world. Here is one revelation, a miracle in the streets.

It Is Now!It Is Now!It Is Now!!!
(Revelation of March 24, 2018 ~2:00AM)

I am in good sleep, I hear a single sentence which says “It Is Now.”Then I followed with alarming sound, said three times “It Is Now, It Is Now, It Is Now” until I wake up and continuedly repeating, understanding the full meaning of the word. Surprisingly, immediately I felt very sad and knowing the Tribulation is upon us. I started feeling it. we are going to go through it, for a Short period we will see the calamities when the the storm starts to rain.
Yesterday was “Home, Home, Home” and today ”It Is Now,” put together “Now is The Time To Go Home” The “Time is now” It is now. It is to close to the end. “The Time To Go Home Is Now”

Supernatural Healings
(Revelation of September 6 2018 8:15 AM)

Many healed at the same time!
I am walking up to the North in the street of the neighborhood. I see a woman dresses long and somewhat light green. She keeps talking, not normal, I passed her and felt I should talk to her. She went between the houses. she looked small and young. She is changed. I called her, “come! Come! I want to talk to you!” Hesitantly she approached me. I put my right hand on her left shoulder and told her not to fear. I knew she is possessed by a demon. I said simply, “In the name of Jesus depart and never come back” to the demon.. She looked up on the sky, she saw the Lord as I can understand. Then, she fall on the ground. I said, don’t worry she will be better. There are some people around and told them to give her something to eat and she woke and stood up normal. When she saw up to the sky and as I can understand she saw the Lord but it was from my behind and up and I knew this was the work of the Lord.

Then, the rest is the miracle of the Lord. At the same time, many in different places, far and near are healed. The wonderful miracles of the Lord, Amen
Almighty God our Lord will do mighty things for He is merciful and Faithful

“In the name of Jesus, you are all healed”
(Revelation of February 21, 2019)

I am hearing the sound of many people. The sound says “Many are lined up for healing, many are lined up for healing” I feel many people, multitudes lined up. I am between sleep and wake and said “In the name of Jesus, you are all healed”
The Now/the future
At the end, one more time, God Almighty will do mighty works.
Praise, Power and Glory
Out God is Perfect, Holy and mighty.

Harvest Time is around!!!

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