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Remove Jezebel from your midst

June 23, 2020 9:42 PM

Given June 20, 2020

Do NOT tolerate Jezebel in your midst. Remember in my book of Revelation where I write to the churches.

New Living Translation Rev. 2:20
“But I have this complaint against you. You are permitting that woman—that Jezebel who calls herself a prophet—to lead my servants astray. She teaches them to commit sexual sin and to eat food offered to idols.

Jezebel influence will disable and destroy your prophetic voices! Your prophetic community! She seduces you in. She earns your trust with smooth speech and words sweet as honey. She operates in Women as well as Men. She tells you what you want to hear. Her words drip with honey and compliments only to snare you in her trap later. She slowly exposes you to her rotten core and seeks that you go along with her harmless chatter. All the while she takes notes to use against you later and say, “aha! you are not acting as a prophet of the Lord!” Her real aim is to usurp and control the prophetic. She is a thief! She has not her own ideas, but steals from the prophet who is called! Now do not be confused that there is a difference when I lead you in unity and many receive shades of the same word-which I do this for unity and building you up together-to show you that you have the SAME Father. No, this is not what I mean when I say she steals your ideas. She envies you! She envies the chosen ones, for she can never be chosen for she is doomed! And She knows her time is always metered-it’s a matter of time before she is thrown down. And I use my servants the prophets to do so..as well I throw her down directly on the behalf of those precious ones laying victim to her, lest you all be consumed. Her hope is to pervert, foul, twist, stir up dissention and doubt! She is fault finding and critical-as if you were her LORD and then she jabs a stick at you humaness in disgust! She wants to be so close. She is obsessed with you! You are her GOD! And she wants your approval. She seems so humble, but the motive is all wrong. She longs to BE you, so she lies and masquerades AS you-as if the ideas she has copied FROM you originated in HER spirit! She is in competition with you! Not to be confused with a competitive nature in many of my prophets. No, this is different. This is her CORE-what she sets OUT to do. Her ONLY motivation and driving force! She is an impostor! A mimic! A dumb mime. And empty shell to mold herself into the image she thinks you should be. She will gain your trust. She will befriend you, support you, even cry with you and for you! Yet, she is not of my spirit. So crafty is she. For just as the tongue is the rudder that steers the whole ship (James 3: 1-11), so is Jezebel’s deception steering her. You cannot always see this plan until it is too late! So you must be on guard for she is as clever as the brood of demons that lie in wait underneath her wings and under her tongue. She will suddenly turn and cut you down-the one you walked humbly with-or so you thought! She will turn and destroy you with words and accusations, and her constant drama, confusion, torment! Once she has you hooked! in your soul, She thinks you belong to her! You have given her place there! You have increasing sexual thoughts when around this spirit and you can’t make sense of it! That is because she is a complete deceptive hologram! You MUST break off the attachment to her! Call back the pearls of your soul to yourself, and give her back the foul, lying, distorted world she has given you clothed as sheep, but inwardly are the desires of wolves. Her fingers are icy cold. Her end is your complete destruction-neutered-ineffective, discredited, devalued. She will drag you through the mud with never a care-because it was never about you and her but only about HER. She cannot deny who she is-and she will always do the same. What she herself does, she accuses you of. Not to be confused with the projection that happens in relationships as you hash things out. No, this is different. So be very careful and prayerful of insulting the prophetic and accusing others of the Jezebel spirit, but DO pray and see the characteristics. They must come in the package to be the Jezebel spirit that leads to the death of the prophet and his/her voice. It takes special discernment to know up front who she is. You will improve in time. Keep asking and seeking wisdom in this area and I will gladly give it! Trust your inner sense! This is your discernment! If something seems wrong, it most likely is-somewhere. So step back and pray and search your souls and I will show you. Not all sensing will be Jezebel but may be other people not to let too close, or something in your flesh that needs crucified. For do not be narcissistic but be real. For the times will quickly require stricter scrutiny and Jezebel and the Narcissists must quickly be set aside and you must move on. Let the dead bury the dead. Let the reader beware and discern and make quick work of binding this spirit, casting her out of your mind and soul and even out of your midst. Do NOT tolerate her or you foul my temple, which is you! I dwell in YOU.

The Jezebel spirit is for division and not unity. Whether a person is influenced by the spirit or taken over, these differences matter. I will show you. Ask for wisdom. Some may fall under the influence and they can be restored. But to those who by their very nature have always been inhabited by her and her demons, only I can deliver or cast her down, and I will decide. She loves to argue, create suspicion, takes notes and just wants to see your downfall-not for you to be restored! She wants you OUT of the way! Have NOTHING to do with her! Flee her and her ways no matter what the cost! She seeks to steal your very soul! I will honor you and provide when you obey me in this. Expel her from your midst! No longer allow her to infect and poison your ministries and temples (your spirit). Woe to the person in whom this spirit resides! Repent! Weep and wail! To the person who has allowed her to run unchecked be warned, or you will be added to the woe. I am a holy God and I will not abide that harlot! Cast her from you and I will be pleased!

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  1. K. Mountain

    That is very important to understand. Any believer who is not living a sexually pure life needs to check and see if they are listening to a prophet who teaches sexual immorality (divorce/remarriage = adultery is the most common) and any prophet who is not living a sexually pure sanctified life needs to get the “bad teaching” out of their life.

  2. Hannah Silver

    K Mountain, what you say is correct. I want to add one small note to it… Love covers a multitude of sins.

    Divorce is not God’s plan for a man and a woman. But a divorced person is not automatically an “untouchable”, condemned to hell. Sometimes they need love and forgiveness to find God’s will in their lives.

    It is absolutely true that we must uphold God’s word on sin. I don’t know any Christians who think divorce and remarriage are not sins (although nowadays I would believe it if there were). But the Bible is clear.

    I do know a married couple who both divorced their respective spouses when young, then later met, married, and raised a family. I could not advise these two to separate now; they have five children and are raising them In love and in the church. They are quite vulnerable to attacks of guilt however and came to me once asking if they were living in sin and if their children were abominations. They heard a young pastor teaching that on SermonAudio and were cut to the heart. They were willing to do whatever God wanted.

    Although I do believe that remarriage is not done without sin except in the case of death, I could not counsel them to break up their family, each live alone, and rotate the kids. Is that what the Lord would want at this point? I thought about Paul’s advice to the Corinthian church in moral crisis when he just said “Are you married? Do not seek a divorce. Are you unmarried? Do not look for a wife.” (1 Cor 7:27). Our pastor knows their backgrounds as well, but he is not excommunicating them.

    I’m curious, do we agree about this? The Lord would have us one in spirit, and to that end I am eagerly ready to be corrected about any matter such as this. And although things are getting so crazy we soon won’t have the luxury of discussing this, I do value the thoughts of this group of saints who I believe are close to God’s heart.

    Thank you, saints; I love all you guys!

  3. To :Hannah Silver
    you can unmarried if :
    1> abuses you some way some what.
    2> Threatens to his her child/children.
    3> when men or women dies natural cause exception if Heavenly Father allows remarried if you feeling lonely
    4> or that men or women just left you in cold or use you for sex and robbed you .

    in my case : 1. 2 .4 ;

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