Red Heifer Sacrifice for Third Temple – Moriah

Red Heifer Sacrifice for Third Temple

Aug 19, 2019, 11:25 AM

Message given Aug 16, 2019

Sealed by YHUH on Aug 19, 2019, this message was shared in response to a comment on the YT Leeland Jones channel, a vlog entitled “Red Heifer Sacrifice for Third Temple.”

“I AM One God and there is no other. YHUHshua is El of your Salvation.

Your water and ashes make mud, it’s bonds quickly break when even the lightest heat of my ruach is applied. Without my Holy presence, they will perish. The logia is broken. No-one can understand the depths of my sorrow at these plans.

RUN ALL CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM!! Have NOTHING to do with the dead dust they want to CONSECRATE you with!!! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!

But TRUE ISRAEL is spirit! And it’s the Spirit, Water and the Blood of Christ that agree and bear witness to our Salvation!

I pray Our EliYahoshua find you and rescue you from this deception.! El of Our Salvation is OIL poured out as love for his children.

Song of Solomon 1:3
“1:3 Because of the savor of thy good ointments, thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee.”

Please Jacob, Please Be a wise virgin! Buy the truth and sell it not!

You Can not any longer receive atonement as if to go buy a sacrificial heifer! It’s finished, Yahoshua, the Lamb of EliYAHU, has been slain, he promised to come for the bride whose Oil is fresh, whose flesh is surrendered to I AM. The messiah bridegroom is coming!!.
Hurry, before it’s too late! Seek Yehoshua while he can still be found.

“Tell them I love them.”

ABBA loves YOU!! AND it’s NO THING who you are! And… with an everlasting love! There is nobody, nowhere and no way like Him!! My speech has no words to describe the substance of true love’s origin… But,

“Be still. And know I AM God.”

Wow! Jesus, JESUS, JESUS!! Yahoshua, Our God is Awesome! I love, and may I live by our dear King!


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