Red Alert – Cornell de Beer

Red Alert

April 15, 2020 4:37 AM
Cornell de Beer
Beloved brother and sister please pray upon this message for confirmation. I believe our Lord use us in many ways. God bless you! I'm honestly a little freaked out but God will help us we know that.

Dear brothers and sisters! Red alert.

I believe the reason why our Lord warns us by His prophets to NOT take the vaccine for the coronavirus is as follows.

The zest: There is alien DNA as most of us already know and believe in the coming coronavirus vacine BUT EVEN WORSE, IT IS MOST POSSIBLY INTELLIGENT AND ALIVE!

It does not only control and kill but CAN alter people’s emotions to become aggressive and hateful. Then I remembered the prophecy recently about the super soldiers coming out of Russia …

There is so much more to this, to much for my average Joe understanding but I need to share at least what I can understand! (It is possible that 5G might come into play here with frequencies they use within our own DNA that mix with this alien technology. Once activated it manipulates the minds/body. It might not be 5G but it might be. There is definitely a way that they use some sort of wave frequency).

Just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a article this morning about lesions that’s possible from the coronavirus. Dots and dots linking up for me. The Spanish council of official podiatrist is compiling data on foot lesions and says it could be a sign of the coronavirus.

People with Morgellons disease claims that it feels like there is bugs under their skin. Creeping, crawling and stinging sensations. A lady called Mary Leitao raised awareness, describing skin sores and filamentlike structure emercing from the skin. These fibres or filaments is near macroscopic and comes in different colours.

The thousends of people suffering and tormented with this is being diagnosed with psychiatric conditions. Please note this information about Morgellons is mostly from 2009. With new technologies we can only imagine how much further along they are…

Harald Kautz-Vella that expertise in geology, physics and science claims that black goo or sentient oil intelligence are the building blocks behind the elites agenda to commandeer the world. Technology that has being in play since 2003 that directly alters the DNA/RNA structures within humans. Elites controlling and reprogramming this Black Gloo substance which mirrors the consciousness of humans.

Deposits of this is mostly found in Antarctica. Think about evil movies with demons, people displaying black oil coming out of their eyes. Popular singers that display black oil in various ways in videos. To me that is no coincidence.

The spider picture attached (or what he perceived as spiders) is what a person painted with Morgellons. What he saw in his mind these bugs looks like. Revelation 9 immediately jumped into mind.

I have no scientific back ground but I am convinced that there is truth in this. In my spirit I feel an urgency to share this. Do not take this vacine.

God loves as fiercely! God is faithful and will always warn and make us aware of the dangers ahead. We praise our Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Redeemer and love Him with all our hearts, souls and mind. All Glory and praise belongs to our Almighty Father God.

Please pray upon this for insight from the Holy Spirit, the Truth is inside us.

Stay safe everyone!





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