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Reading The Book

Febuary 18, 2024 7:20 PM
Glenn Black

This guy asked a simple, but a hard question that digs deep. I thought about it for a while before answering. I’m interested in hearing your answer, &/or feedback on my answer.

1 minute video to present his Question:

Q: As a Christian, have you read the Bible? Have you read the whole Bible? Why or why not?

My Answer
A: Yes, I have read the whole Bible.

True Christians should read the Bible once per year for every year they have been alive.

I only became a Born Again Christian at the age of 63, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Therefore, I don’t know the Bible as well as I should.

It takes about 72 hours to stand up & read the entire Bible out loud, cover to cover.

Most nominal Christians have somewhat listened as others told them about some snipits about the Bible, but this was sometimes done by Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing, or cults, or by those who want to tickle their ears for ulterior purposes; all of which corrupts & distorts comprehension of the true meaning of the Bible.

Few people truly understand the Bible, and are therefore hindered from having a deep, intimate, loving relationship with God.

It will usually be a shallow, superficial relationship; or a deep loving relationship with a false god, their own god of their mind that is totally different from the true God of the Bible.

Don’t worry. Jesus is coming back soon, and He will give most people the chance to correct all the above, and prove whom they truly love and obey.

People who read the Bible only 1x/yr aren’t likely to get much out of it. Even those who read the Bible 3x per week will have marginal improvements, but those who read the Bible more that 4x per week report that:

Loneliness down 30%
Anger down 32%
Bitterness use down 40%
Alcoholism, drug use down 57%
Spiritually stagnant feeling down 60%
Pornography use down 61%

Sharing your faith up 200%
Decipling others up 230%

Everybody needs to read the Bible every single day, without fail.

Along this line of thought, I am interested in your feedback & suggestions to improve the following document:

God’s 26 Commandments for Christians

Glenn Black
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