Rat in the Pantry – Ruth Johnson

Rat in the Pantry

Nov 22, 2019, 3:35 AM
Ruth Johnson
There is a rat in the pantry,
A pig in the poke,
There cannot be a fire
If there ain’t no smoke.
There is a weasel in the cellar
Selling wine
There is a man on a camel
Trying to ride
Through the eye
Of a needle.
Lo and behold!
What have we been told?
Ashes, ashes we all stand up?
London Bridge is falling up?
These old rhymes are really old.
Hickory hickory dock,
The mouse ran down the clock?
Liar, liar, pants on fire,
Hanging on a telephone wire.
That one makes some sense.
You are the nemesis,
You are the dragon,
Draggin’ your tail of stars.
Down is up, up is down,
As above, so below,
Black is white, white is black,
Right, if you think so.
Right is left, left is right,
Is light darkness, darkness light?
There’s a coon in the kitchen,
Went by the trash cans,
Has nothing to do with
Color of skin.
Has all to do with midnight forage,
Fridge, cupboards, wine bin.
There’s  a snake in the woodpile
Waiting to strike,
Sits waist high,
Wants his finger in the dike,
Then he’ll be a hero,
The whole town will cheer
Believing he saved them!
The pied piper will be there!
Oh! He will cry!
You have rats in the pantry?
Mice down your clocks?
Coons in the kitchen?
Weasels in the cellar?
Well, I have a pipe!
And the time is ripe
To lead them all away,
But do not ever think
You will not pay,
The piper.


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