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Putin’s strategic nuclear map of the United States – 2Timothy236


Putin’s strategic nuclear map of the United States

November 29, 2020 3:42 AM

Dream from 11/29/2020

This is the best recollection of what I remembered from my dream last night. I was in the spirit and was on an airplane with President Putin. There was a strategic nuclear map of the United States and it had two circles on it on the east coast, one circle looked like it was NYC, and the other was Washington DC. These two circles that appeared that went out a small distance maybe 50 miles. He was talking to someone about a third strike zone, which I saw with a potential circle that looked like a tsar bomb and had a huge kill radius that was like 10 times the size of the smaller circles and I heard Putin say, we have to WAIT.

I believe this a strong warning from the Lord that if these lying manipulating corrupt spirits are not dealt with by Americans then God will take away the hedge of protection around the US and allow her enemies to attack her. Jesus gave the body of Christ his authority to use. Use it, get off the sidelines, get into this fight!

The body of Christ needs to start praying non-stop for the Lord’s justice to be done for the US election. Pray that the enemy’s plans are destroyed and corruption and manipulation are destroyed in the name of Jesus. Pray that all forms of witchcraft that are being used are destroyed in Jesus name. Pray that those who are in collusion would be apprehended and dealt with by the mighty name of Jesus. Pray that the US constitution is honored and upheld with full accountability for the good of the nation and that God’s grace would continue for another four years.


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