Prophecy Report September 2019 – S.S.

Prophecy Report September 2019

Oct 5, 2019, 1:29 AM
Lord give me Word for September 2019. See below.

Many prophecies will come to pass this month

1 September 2019
Lord says
” My son, remember this is special month for many prophecies will come to pass.
You will be eye witness.
This is the Word of God who says it and sits besides you.
Spread this alarm to others.”

So now I have prepared a prophecy report. I will discuss about major prophecy fulfilled or fulfilling in the month of September.

The prophecy report is divided into 3 categories
1. prophecy fulfilled.
 2.While in some prophecy, the initial part of prophecy is fulfilled.
3.Some major events occuring leading to the fulfillment of the prophecy.
Now I will discuss major prophecies
A. Prophecy 1 – Burning of oil fields in Middle East by David Wilkerson
This prophecy belongs to category 2.
Iran attacked Saudi Arabia oil fields by missiles and drone.
See links below
B. Prophecy 2- This fall will start the fall of all by Ms Sophie.
This prophecy belongs to category 2.
Trump impeachment inquiry officially begins in this fall.This could lead to fall of America and then to the whole world. It is wake up call for everyone.
C. Prophecy 3- Trump removed and Obama in. See links below
It belongs to category 3.
Democrats have majority in house and they want Trump to be removed. 23% Republicans too favour Trump impeachment. This is a dangerous situation for Trump. He could be removed and Barack Obama ( antichrist) can get into office.
See links below
D. Prophecy 4- American civil war 2 by Rich
See links below
It belongs to category 3.
Trump tweets that if he is removed, then civil war 2 can occur.
See links below.
EProphecy 5- Hurricane Dorian
It belongs to category 1
Lord promised in this prophecy that He will pay to prayers of saints against judgement of Hurricane Dorian.
The prayers of saints we’re granted and hurricane Dorian was turned away.
See video below


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