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BREAKING NEWS: Saudi Arabia Oil Field Attacked

Will this be the fulfillment of David Wilkerson’s warning?


After seeing the news this memory popped in my head

“Set The Trumpet To Thy Mouth” 1985

By David Wilkerson

The burning Oil Fields in the Middle East, were to be followed by a Broken and Faltering American Economy, followed at the last by a Warmongering USA Mentality that will be annihilated by Russia’s ICBMs … And that Our missile defense system would be unable to respond in kind.

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  1. Scooter

    I saw this on the news tonight and was thinking that the way they were talking about Iran being behind it and it meant gas prices were going up, was to get the American people behind going after Iran. I could sure see how this could lead to an attack on Syrian soil as Iran is there, and Russia is really protecting Syria. I do believe that this will lead to some major repercussions.

  2. Sharon Caswell

    You cannot burn and oil supply, and gas not go up. It will go up tomorrow on Tuesday. So sad

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