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Prophecy for America – Linda Courtney

Prophecy for America

Sep 20, 2019
Linda Courtney

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good evening good afternoon I should say
everyone in YouTube world by some
gracious stroke of the hand of God I
finally got my equipment working
this was quite ironic because the very
evening of the day that God gave me this
prophecy which is not extremely long but
it’s it’s you know fairly lengthy which
I will share with you today that evening
everything stopped working the camera
would not work the older videos I had on
the camera I couldn’t transpose or put
on the computer whatever I had my son
come over and help and he didn’t know
what to do so I was several days you
know and that’s ok maybe it was all in
God’s timing but nevertheless today I’m
going to make this as short as possible
because I have another one I’d like to
present in answer to some questions on
opinions on divorce and remarriage but I
felt that this one was far more
important so we’re going to do this
today and I’m going to begin in the name
of Jesus Heavenly Father I pray you
anoint me and help me through this and I
thank you in Jesus name we’re going to
begin with a scripture in Isaiah chapter
three verse six seven and eight and I
will read it shall a trumpet be blown in
the city and the people not be afraid
there shall be evil in a city and the
LORD hath not done it
surely the Lord God will do nothing but
he reveals his secret unto his servants
the prophets the lion has roared who
will not fear the Lord God has spoken
who can but prophesy now I told you in a
prior video that I didn’t consider
myself to be a prophet I’m really not a
but God can give prophecies to those
that he anoints for a specific purpose
at a specific time
that doesn’t necessarily mean they have
the mantle of a prophet but they can
give a prophecy I hope you understand
that okay
so that is what I’m doing today I’m just
going to read it exactly as the Holy
Spirit gave it to me this was one
morning again after I had been in prayer
and the Lord said write and this is the
word from the Lord when did I the Lord
God of all flesh asked of you to serve
me when you least felt like it
I am requiring my children to obey and
serve me at all times even when their
flesh is at its weakest at times such as
this I impart them with extra holy
spirit anointing so my daughter take up
this paper and write from me do not
doubt do not fear do not recoil back
thinking the devil is in the mix no he
is not
these words are holy from my throne and
come from the anointing of my Holy
Spirit through the Lord Jesus Christ
bitter bitter bitter very bitter is the
cup your nation of America is about to
drink I will hold the bitter cup to her
scarlet lips until she gags on the
content sin sin sin has reached the
highest places of the heavens such as
the satellites space stations and so on
and there is no place on earth where
mankind sins have not polluted I am
through says O Lord God Almighty I am at
the end of my endure
to watch mankind revel in the flesh my
eyes burn my nostrils sting my ears ache
from being forced to see how humans have
corrupted my once beautiful creation the
prophets have been sent forth they lift
up the voice and cry abroad yet for all
this the people mock laugh and turn
aside you are fools yay so many of you
are fools what more can I say I all
mighty God by my Holy Spirit in the
powerful name of Yeshua Jesus Christ say
the following planes missiles and bombs
will be coming upon the land called
America but before this attack your
nation will shake and quake and great
shall be the fall of many cities the
monuments you thought would stand
forever will come crashing down Seattle
you’re mighty Space Needle will fall as
a toothpick in the wind cities across
America will shake and quake in great
waters will follow onto what was once
land be alert my children be alert and
prepare for as my son Joseph prepared in
Old Testament times it is not a sin to
set aside food however never allow
anything to replace your trust in me
says the Lord God look up at the skies
and throughout the coming chastisement
you will see the grand cosmic display I
spoke of to my earlier prophets let me
repeat that please this is important
look up at the skies and throughout the
coming chastisement you will see the
grand cosmic
display I spoke up to my earlier
prophets then slowly but surely great
and gross darkness will descend for
three days your earth will tremble in
this deep darkness I Almighty God sound
a warning to my beloved children do not
fear do not fear do not fear I am the
light of the world and I will be with
you you may light an earthly candle but
I am the ultimate light I will give full
life and light went all around outside
of your dwelling there will reign chaos
darkness and fear California you are an
evil region within America and I must
severely chastise you and I will however
I will yet in mercy deal with my remnant
do not fear I the Lord God continue to
admonish you to be brave and very
courageous I am the great I am
and I am with you I desire you proclaim
the warnings to MU that my prophets and
prophecies have sounded proclaim and
every way possible even when the ungodly
mock you and reject you
continue continue soon and very soon in
my time and according to my plan and
purpose I will remove my beloved
children out of this world America your
cup is bitter drink to the dregs I am
coming soon in the clouds of glory until
then know every part of my eternal plan
shall be fulfilled completely remain
faithful and we will join as one in the
Corie of my father’s kingdom age and for
all eternity thus says Yahshua Jesus the
Christ son of God the end I’ve had
people ask me on the days of darkness
prophecy given on the last day of March
of this year 2019 what what it meant by
saying when it began the prophecy began
as of a few days from now you will see
this cosmic event well it’s a simple
think of it this way and Noah’s day he
ministered and worked on the ark for how
many about a hundred years so to God a
few days and God’s economy could be a
few weeks a few months in this setting
that I just read and on the three days
of darkness that I and other ministers
have given out to YouTube world I
seriously doubt that it will be years I
seriously doubt that but to God yes it
can mean several weeks or even several
months to us a few days is you know a
week but God works differently his
thoughts are not our thoughts so I hope
that explains and I hope that this
explains also I was grateful because
this at least gave a bit of a timeframe
for the days of darkness and I just
offer this to you you can take it or you
can leave it it’s up to you you know and
YouTube world we do not have to believe
every thing we hear and that’s a nice
nice part of it we can evaluate analyze
pray over things and discern
for ourselves and in so doing I’d like
to say that as I end this the freedom of
conscience and freedom of choice is a
wonderful gift from God he doesn’t force
us to believe anything he only lays the
truth out as in the truth especially of
his word of a scripture and he lets us
make our decisions whether to believe or
not and the same concept applies to what
we see in here in YouTube world so thank
you I appreciate your time once more and
God bless you
and be strong and courageous in the days
weeks and months ahead thank you for
being with me god bless you bye-bye


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