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Pride Blocked My Sight and Hearing

May 13, 2024 10:29 AM


As we wake up to our surroundings, we begin to see, what has not been apparent in the past. We are driven a by our curiosity to see all that is new, fresh, and abounding in Christ Jesus. He is what has been missing in the past. He is the link that completes us. Why have I been blinded for so long, so not to see what is right in front of me?

All my life he has been there to guide and show me the way to his heart, but I saw not.
My pride makes me captive to my flesh and hides the truth from my soul. My pride disguises who is responsible for many of my actions, throughout my life. I boast in my pride, for all I have accomplished and set out to do, without seeing who was right beside me, holding my hand, steering my vessel.

I look at how cleaver I am (me), while negotiating this Earth, never giving credit to the one who created me and made me flourish in all I did.

My pride makes me self-righteous and brings me on a path that should not be followed.
Even though I make my destiny, it has always been guided by I Am (God). I now start to realize the error in my ways as I wake to the reality that changes around me.

Who am I? I am a child of God, growing in Christ Jesus, while navigating life. I now know who made me, guides me, and protects me in all I do, say, and accomplish, and it is NOT me!
Thank you, Lord, for being at my side, throughout my life, while I was blind and could not hear. I wake-up to the true reality now, that has always been there, and thank you for my life and constant attention you have always provided. I now become fully part of I Am, heart, mind, and soul.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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