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THE RACE OF LIFE – Cherrie Archer

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May 10, 2024 9:39 AM
Cherrie Archer

5-9-24 6:08am

The finish line is in plain sight. The hurdles have been set into place. The gun goes off marking the start of the race and the racers pound the pavement in hopes of clearing every hurdle and crossing the finish line without any trouble to win the race.

Yet, in the race of life each hurdle that stands in the way of a smooth run is a test, a bump in the road, that when cleared brings a sense of accomplishment or despair if not cleared.

The end is in sight, so are the hurdles. Has the racer trained well enough and has the racer given his all to the main event, or has he put in just enough effort to eek by?

What does a man believe when he sees someone training for years, months, weeks, daily for hours to win a coveted title, like the Olympics?

Man thinks back but can not put a finger on the time he ever saw the racer in training.

Training is done when others are asleep. Training is done out of the sight of others. There are less distractions. Concentration is key to training.

Practice is vitally important. Without it strength and precision is lost.

How many strengthen their faith through My word? Daily reading, prayer and seeking Me are key to faith steadfast in Me.

As an athlete sets aside time daily to train, many who claim to know Me have never opened My Holy word to get to know Me.

How then has their faith grown in Me without knowledge of Me.

Those who never take time to grow roots deep in My word will be easily blown over when the storm comes.

Just as a racer jumping a hurdle on the first try trips and falls unable to judge the height of the obstruction the racer begins to train determined to clear the hurdle the next time.

Howbeit, that man puts so much effort into something that is not life and death but puts little thought into his whereabouts for his eternal soul.

The race has begun. Will you clear the hurdles? Will you read My word and prepare your soul for eternity with Me? Will you be able to stand when the storm hits?

The reward is great if you win this race.


Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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