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Parable of the Potter, the Vessel and the Still Small Voice

June 28, 2024 6:27 PM


We are shaped and refined by all we do while on Earth. Everything has a purpose as we travel thru the corridors of time. If we are lucky, we start to polish and shape our vessels, working at the rough edges that need assistance.
We are the vessels; he is the Potter. Together, if successful, we find who we are within his Kingdom.

Not all of us belong, for our vessels are tainted, unworthy and generally unacceptable. We have mixed too many substances (components) that do not belong together, while in Earth’s experience.

Our lives, when not tainted, have purpose and direction. Each substance not of God becomes a stumbling block that, unless taken away, causes irreputable damage.

The Potter can only do so much, for the vessel that forms has free will to add a mixture of many components, whether good or bad, to their vessel. The Potter gives hints, suggestions, and coincidences while forming the vessel. But not all will listen and hear the still small voice within them. For they cannot hear and cannot see what is right in front of them.

Each of us choose our destiny by our actions, directions we take in life, choices, attitudes, love for others, forgiveness we show and sins we stay clear of. Getting to know our creator is important– for he leads and guides us over with what we put in our vessel.

Much of life, without the instruction book, becomes a “game” that is played incorrectly, without the rules, that brings us to the wrong destination.

The Potter’s voice is clear, but many times ignored. Your sins overtake that voice within. Be careful.

We are in a refiner’s fire as we go thru life. All impurities need to be purged before moving forward.

The flesh is the stumbling block; the sin is the catalyst. The Potter can burn out impurities with repentance and a change of direction. Be that change that refines your vessel to conform to your maker. For we are made in his image.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos



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